Martell KotHH

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scantrell24 3239

First draft. Potential cards:

Naval Superiority

Unexpected Delay

A Game of Thrones

2nd Marched to the Wall

Valar Dohaeris

Nothing Burns Like the Cold

Ravages of War

The Long Plan

Calm Over Westeros

You Win or You Die

Begging Brothers

Dornish Spy

Maester Calleote

Fowler Twins

Knights of the Sun

Varys (Core) + Last of the Giants

Lingering Venom

Condemned + Scorching Deserts

Flea Bottom + Shadow City Bastard


siegeszug 283

I would use FFF as an opener too, while Unexpected Delay'd surely be interesting as well. That being said I don't quite see what the further idea of this deck is. It seems rather indecisive and thus weak.

siegeszug 283

I understand that many of the events are to control the challenges, especially early on. But I say that some solid character board is better than to trust on shenanigan events or Vengeance.

SonnyCA 46

If this is Alain for the Montreal Kit, we had a classic at the last round (Double Valar Morghulis for the win). Good deck my friend.