The Knights who say Kneel !

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Timmy 44

This is a first draft on a Bara Control deck based on KotHH. The deck relies heavily on kneeling and the extra draw from both blackwater bay (tremedous) and the red keep.

Mulligan should aim for blackwater bay / red keep and some kneel or two. Oh and ITNOYK could help against those SoB.

Selyse is a beast especially if paired with BwB but she has weakness and can be easily dealt with, so she's not an autowin by herself.

There are couple of difficult matchups :

  • stark has all it take to make it difficult : standing with robb / wyman / those stupide standing location, attachement removals with skagos, bran to cancel, ladies immune to selyse and so forth. Let's say things straight, this should be an horrible matchup. Everything stark has is probably the worst for this deck.

  • Greyjoy can be difficult as well depending on the setups. Worst thing is an everstanding captain riding on a stupid boat, so with a yo ho ho And with a yee hee hee, you kinda know the song

  • Heavy shadow deck could be a pain in the ass, so long as there is no serious shadow reset

  • NW should be a fairly easy matchup (at least the common Watchers / build steward we see all around at the moment). You have enough kneel to just lock the board

As for the others, i'm still testing.

Fun achievements with this deck includes :

  • playing 3 consecutive Selyse on round 2-3-4.
  • drawing all my deck except for 3 cards, stopping extra draw, drawing citadel archivist and and sacrificed to the red God.Then just marshall one r'hllor and the archivist and sacrifice him to the red god bringing back all your discard (43 cards exactly) to the deck. Pure magic in fact. I really thought i was about to loose this game ending milled.
  • Marshalling three infiltrators, giving them to the opponent, then valar dohaeris everything to get them back in the deck. -winning with a consolidation of power when you have barely a single character on the board, but 14 pow before the round starts ...

Overall the deck is not that competitive i believe, i would say it's a 50% winrate depending on whether you have your draw early or not. In fact most of the game i lost were because i didn't found BWB or red keep early, despite aggresive mulligans.

But it might still surprise a couple of unprepared deck.

That's it folks. Feel free to comment or suggest improvements.


footlong 102

Interesting build, thanks for sharing.
Have you considered The First Snow of Winter as a reset plot?
It would be a good way to get your infiltrators, lancers and priestesses back to hand. On the downside, it counter-synergizes with Fickle Bannerman.

Timmy 44

I did play it on the first version of the deck. It wasn't as good as expected and plot slots can't be wasted. But it is a very good synergy with infiltrators for sure. I often ended not triggering infiltrators but making challenges instead with them