Boats Boats Boats (Runner Up, Kingsmoot - 23 player)

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verbalkint 2

This was the deck that I took to Kingsmoot, the premier player run tournament in Australia, run by meta-leader Adem Kolar who does a wonderful job with this tournamnent every year and this was no exception.

The deck is very fun, a bit different to the other crossing/SoB/Fealty decks that are doing the rounds, so I decided to give it a go. I selected my boats to try and ensure that I had a win condition no matter which of the big bodies survied the Valar Dohaeris - hence the inclusion of Black Wind. In testing I found that a bit of extra aggro really helped to keep the board small and coax out resets early, hence The Seastone Chair and Golden Storm.

I also liked the inclusion of Saltcliffe Sailor as it was a handy 2 gold chud when needed, but a super handy 3 gold stealth chud (or four gold if you're luck enough to give Old Bill Bone stealth as well.

The cheeky "Steel Rain" did some real work, particularly as it allows you to tailor your boats to suit whichever big is doing your work for you. Particularly handy when you want to close the game late and sac your econ boats for more impactful locations. Also, no one expects it.

The deck beat out Martell decks and other GJ decks, but ultimately couldn't get past Stark with enough consitency to win - ironically because I couldn't find enough of my location hate or leverage my saves effecitively enough.

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DreadFool 1

Nice deck. I enjoyed playing against it (Greyjoy SoB in the third round). I didn't notice at the time that Saltcliffe Sailor could only lend stealth to non-GJ characters. I was worried about Victarion getting sneaky.