Melisandre, Cersei and Renly too

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vvi1g12 2

Seems interesting and might actually work. I have few suggestions that might improve it:

1) Flea bottom for restricted card? With your low cost curve seems like a must. 2) Lanni have some of the best 7 costers. Maybe Cersei Lannister (LoCR) deserves a slot.
3) The gold seem a bit tight. More economy?

4) Plot list seem a bit "toothless". Initiative is bad, gold is low and the effects put very little pressure on the bad guy. You Win Or You Die and Valar Dohaeris seem like good options.

5) Myrcella Baratheon (SoD) can really shine in such a deck, Lanni is not short on good characters. So no need to take sub-optimal ones from Bara. Bara has better attachments and probably there you should invest your banner slots.

6) Alliance + Trading With Qohor might be more suitable. Will make the deck a bit more inconsistent in finding key pieces, but opens up tons of options and possible combos!

Req 1

Cool idea Luca!

dfaust 65

I would throw in 2x Warhammer. Makes it easier to get Renly to 7 strength to where you can ambush anyone in for free. He can be annoying.