Renly is good, Stannis is better... but Robert is best!

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Manfre 478

7-0 @ Road to Late Summer Feast - Goblin Bologna (Italy) - 19 players.

5 rounds top 4

round 1 vs. Nightwatch banner of the Stag

round 2 vs. Stark Fealty

round 3 vs. Baratheon Trading with Qohor

round 4 vs. Stark Fealty

round 5 vs. Tyrrel Kings of Summer

top 4 vs. Martell banner of the Stag

final vs. Tyrrel Kings of Winter (rematch)

Jousting Pavillion link:


Diomedes 3337

Congrats! This looks like the goodstuff deck that was promised :)

r480 158

Congratulations Manfre! How was Wildfire in the deck? Did you ever use Imry as a finisher? :D

Manfre 478

Thanks lot guys, @r480in a Baratheon deck I always prefer Wildfire instead of Dohaeris or Morghulis because the plot has higher initiative and you can "save" your char with Spears of the Merling King

Manfre 478

Regarding Ser Imry Florent I think he is a very powerfull finisher, I used him twice.

Hybrid92 241

Great deck and congrats! Curious to know how you went against the Stark Fealty - they're usually a horrible match up for Bara. How did those matches play out?

Sefri 19

Congrats on a great deck and a great tournament! I am curious to hear if anything underperformed or overperformed during the tournament and whether you'd make any changes to the deck going forward.

Hybrid92 241

Also curious to know why you're running Varys Riddle here? Are you hoping to hit any particular plot?

adgreat 1

Why Anguy in this? Stealth is good, but I feel like I would rather have a Lancer in that slot.

Neoptolemos 794

Anguy doesn't have stealth, he is way better. And he is R'hllor also.