ThroneRunner Episode 5 - Conniving Pirates

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ThroneRunner 1148

In depth deck discussion video can be found here:


ZylyzNumir14 1

Interesting design with Greyjoy Martell, this decklist makes some logical sense. I’m new to Thrones and I’m finding Greyjoy very intriguing, I just have a few questions regarding this design. First off, how are you able to manage popping Varys efficiently? I always see Varys as a huge downside with a 6 cost and his global nuke, so I never played it. Another question is how are you able to make unopposed challenges so effectively? Everytime I play Greyjoy, I can’t seem to make too many unopposed challenges, despite Greyjoy supposedly being able to be good at that with things like stealth and Balon. Lastly, how likely are you able to utilize your 1x copies of cards without much tutors at the moment? Kinda seems like it is somewhat irrelevant as a deck slot. If you can give me some insight and possibly explanation/examples to these questions, it would be much appreciated.

Astinus 7

@ZylyzNumir14I’m not the author, but I can answer some of your questions.

This whole deck is built to make easier to run unopposed: besides the in house Greyjoy stealth suit, it has Edric Dayne for extra stealth and Dornish Paramour to force your opponent to kneel in intrigue defense a character he would have rather used for other challenges (especially important against other stealth characters, like Tyrion Lannister , which your own stealth characters can’t bypass).

Then it has Maester Caleotte and Confinement as way to remove icons from opponents who go wide on the board.

The 1x locations are tutorable by Support of the People (as well as the other locations) and the 1x Littlefinger isn’t a card you want to see in the early game and he answers to Summons.

The Last 1x of the deck is Noble Lineage which I’m not really sure what role holds: it probably might turn a late game Varys into another stealth character able to do power challenges and otherwise might see use on Edric.

As for #Varys it can come into play with A Noble Cause or The Kingsroad. I’m not sure about his role in the deck either thought.

Overall this seems an interesting deck to test, I’m not sold on the Events chosen: I’d rather use The Kraken’s Grasp over Confinement and reduce the Tears of Lys to make room for Put to the Sword which while being more expansive, is more solid and can remove characters with more than 4 strenght with intrigue icon

Lokd0wn 2

Noble Lineage is solid gold on the Paramour. It lets her target anything except MIL mono-cons.

Wolf pack 1

Is there a reason your builds are 61 card decks rather than 60?

Shugo 1

I see little hall of fame material here. The deck seems mediochre. It’s a decent strategy but I don’t see the new thinking innovative high-performance deck people are looking for.

There’s no ace cards like Ghaston Grey nor Dracarys! here that threatens the whole board. There’s no multiple claim/multiple intrigue challenges combined with varys.

Balon Greyjoy is the best card in this deck and is kinda bad without any way to remove milk of the poppy. Few dupes so he’ll die easily. No int icon to remove threat from lys. He’s the only target and he’ll get it for sure. No The Kraken’s Grasp for him either so unopposed challenges could be difficult, even with the all-stars-align-setup with Dornish Paramour, confinement and Maester Caleotte it’s a gimmick that works for a turn. Wildfire forces a bunch of these tiny drops off board and the point is lost. The few strong chars are easily picked off with dracarys or target kills and the ammounts of dupes are so low that throwing down balon is a risky play who’ll be milked turn after anyway.

No throwing axes to pressure with asha/theon early.

3/5 fishes, and a small fish. It incorporates an idea (seen before) with sun to GJ. But GJ could probably use either sunspear or kraken more. It needs refinement. There is little proof of experience nor playtesting here. It shows signs of weakness all over. Would love to meet with targ lion or a proper intrigue-deck with high claim or several challenges.

ThroneRunner 1148

@Shugomy channel is targetted towards anyone who enjoys AGoT. I make videos and deck builds for the decks that I am playing, and enjoying at any given time.

The deck has been tested and has been successful.

IMO if my opponent thought that Balon was an auto win, then I’d be pretty happy to show them otherwise.

Tired of people thinking dracarys or any other single card in a faction is the be all and end all in the meta, or taking 3-4 decks to be the gospel.

A lot of what you have found to be negatives in the deck truly aren’t. But to each their own.

Shugo 1

@ThroneRunnerI question not the deck itself. It seems to be able to play with competitive decks looking at the cards and having watched the videos. As such the deck itself is mostly about piloting. What I find funny is as to why this ended up in the Hall of Fame. It’s not that it’s a bad deck. It’s here because of you, not the deck :p

The defensive NW/Sansa deck is a great example of a deck that deserves it. It’s unique. A complete change of playstyle and have performed well, for a deck that doesn’t even have to attack. Bit a gamechanger. A change of pace and everything.

Wolf pack 1

Its not his fault he is popular if you dont like the deck dont play it tho I will just make the point this deck did beat his nw deck ;) throne runners videos are so good at getting people into the game cant wait for his next videos in my opinion he trys decks that are bit different and dont just play the best cards I credit him for that he deserves all the love he gets keep doing what your doing throne runner you rock from England peace!

ThroneRunner 1148

@Wolf packGlad you’ve enjoyed so far and appreciate the kind words! I do just like to post videos on what I’ve been finding fun, but I can see where @Shugois coming from as well.

I’m just glad to be a resource for new players looking to get into the game and maybe not knowing where exactly to start in terms of building decks.

Joe From Cincinnati 1649

@Wolf pack``@ThroneRunnerIt beat his NW deck once. I’m still waiting for my rematch :P