Chef Bob cooks big squids for dinner - Winner European Champ

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Axel690 384

Before starting with the deck analysis, I wanted to say thanks to everyone because all the support you gave me, specially because I was the only Baratheon in a sea of Greyjoys xDD


Since the very moment I saw new Robert, I knew I was going to build a deck around him. To make this possible and to not be fucked by his trigger, my idea was to only play flat econ and/or locations that doesnt require to kneel, so I could surpass his "double-edge" effect.

This means, Red Keep is unplayable in this deck. So the second problem came to me, how can I draw without playing RK? Automatically I checked draw plots to find a solution, and I saw Exchange of Information: "so it is Summer... Kingdom.. and I want to play attachments too.. and Stone drum works with Kingdoms and its non limited and its flat econ...and if I add Kings of Summer I have more flat econ..." And the puzzle was solved for me.

The rest of the deck is just efficient characters, attachments and events to accompanie that idea. This is a MidRange deck afterall, you have to keep up the tempo and play threats every turn, and protect them. Its like playing Tyrell good stuff, but with a kneel package and hand control.


Late Summer Feast was chosen because I needed to answer GJ turn 1, which is usually at the gates and Euron, and a big snowball. The 4-5 extra gold I have comparing with at the gates, allows me to stop him and build my board. Wildfire Assault was chosen because in certain situations (Builders, Robb + Skagos) my deck isnt the best when the board is full of characters. And the extra initiative point allows me to answer Return to the fields.


Talking about "rare" choices, Alester Florent is a 3x because he is the best card in the entire box. He helps with the draw problem, has good traits and his interrupt is a pain in the ass to punish resets. Salladhor Saan is a 1x because he is a one shot and is very useful against some pairings (Greyjoy, Stark, Builders) . Core Selyse was added because of traits and because I was afraid of rains decks, the deck has a big hole in intrigue icons as you can see.

Special mention to Rhllor infiltrators, who won me two games with his trigger... and to IMRY FLORENT, THE GOD, THE PRINCE THAT WAS PROMISED, THE CHEF SCOLAR, THE SQUID-EATER. He won me 4 -5 games with his trigger in the last round. The perfect finisher and also florent trait.


In the attachment department, is where you can tweak the deck to your personal taste. I chose traitor to the crown over Milks and Hunting accidents just because its non terminal. If you want to meta against GJ even more, I would definitely remove Lightbringer to pack more negative attachments.


7 limited econ locations and 4 non limited makes the deck so fast in developping terms, and spears are here to take advantage in my Wildfire, and Alester recursion.


Shadow of the throne is here to counter Stark and Greyjoy, like a silver bullet. I barely played 2-3 times throughout the tournament, but it was worth the price. Iron Bank was the latest addition to the deck, and Im considering to add the 3rd because it was extremely good all day. Attachment control, meta against forced march, Salla and Alester recursion....all for 0!

I dont remember a lot about my games, 9 of them were against GJ and only lost 2, so if you have any question please let me know in the comments.

Thank you again. See ya!


r480 146

Chapeau for your performance and congratulations for the title you got :) Didn't you overeat squids those days?

Axel690 384

@r480Thank you mate!! Haha

Lannister 479

Great stuff mate! Congrats on your meta reading and performance :)

Neoptolemos 645

Awesome. I am surprised that Chef Robert wasn't played that much yet, he is so amazing card! And I totally agree with most of your points. Congratulations!

Menjatallarines 1

Great deck and performance! Congratulations for the European Championship!

Badrach 17


: /

Dani 20

I don't know you but I prayed the whole Saturday that you smash the kraken. Well done sir. The GJ-players should have known better. If the kraken makes claims the mighty Bob comes and finishes them off. Just read the books.

Corvo 31

May the Lord of Light praise you! Is there anything you would change, except The Iron bank event after the tournament?

Kakita_Shiro 791

Wow a Bara deck without 30-50 Feral Hogs! Congratulations!

Axel690 384

@Lannister``@Neoptolemos``@Menjatallarines``@Kakita_Shiro Thank for your kind words! Really appreciated ^^ @Dani Haha as a book loyalist Im happy too! @Corvo Maybe traitors for milks, but its just a matter of preferences :)

Neoptolemos 645

@Corvo``@Axel690I think that Traitor is way better vs Stark than Milk. It was probably good choice even while you met only 1 Stark during whole tournament :)

Axel690 384

@Neoptolemos It is! But worse against Greyjoy, so its really up to you :)

captainslow 1244

Way to bring it home for the Stags! Also, I'm pumped "Chef Bob" is catching on. :)

Ryan Jones 173

Sheesh! Can someone please win a world or continental championship without running iron bank? Just kidding - Great run, Alejandro!

Beludo 167

@Axel690 nice deck bro, it was a pleasure Boeing part of the testing and fighting against it. Felicidades cabronazo.

Axel690 384

@Ryan JonesNext time you win something try to do a WORSE card hahaha

Samurai7 1

How good was Stone Drum in the deck?

Axel690 384

@Samurai7 non limited eco is always excellent, in any deck :) With 5 kingdoms is very stable.

Harren 367

Congratulations man! You worked really hard for this and hard work pays off! Enjoy your success, you truly deserved it.

Un abrazo

Axel690 384

@Harren Thank you man! Your support and advice was very important to me. Un abrazo crack

Hybrid92 251

Do you think this deck is still good in the current meta?