2nd place Euros melee. Knights against Karholds

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Emils 34

I decided to publish my melee deck although don't think that it is anything special. More or less the reason is because it was interesting to play many games without the possibility to win with your decks win condition and i wanted to share it.

Somehow I was expecting that there will be more rush decks and less control type decks. Boy I was wrong.

So in total I played only 4 games with this deck. 3 of those games more than one opponent had Starks or banner Stark. All of the Starks I played against where winter based. 3 of them where The House With the Red Door with Karhold. So that means a lot of my cards, plots and even the agenda was useless in these match ups. More than half of the Starks where also playing Ward which means i needed to be even more careful because only two of my characters costed more than 4. All of my games I felt that odds are against me so I decided not to worry too much and just enjoy the ride.

So how in the end I got so high? Actually I still have no clue. I was trying all the time to pick correct roles which I believe is the true way to win in melee, but I think in the end I got so high because I feel that most of my opponents felt sorry for me how useless my deck was. Only one of the games I was able to win with exploding with my knight renowns (The only game that I played without Stark opponents), but even this game was really close one and just got really lucky.

Best cards of my deck was definitely Forced March (after the new ruling), Defiance, Lyn Corbray (FotS) and Offer of a Peach. I was expecting for Defiance to be one my my best cards, because it works together with Forced March, Highgarden Courtier and Margaery Tyrell (Core). My biggest surprise was how actually effective was Lyn Corbray (FotS) in melee especially once he got Noble Lineage. Also The Queen of Thorns (HoT) was really useful to get rid of those worthless Lady Sansa's Rose.

What would I change after Euros. I would inlclude one more copy of Lyn Corbray (FotS), one more copy of Ser Talbert Serry one more copy of Offer of a Peach and change agenda and plots to Winter :D

I want to say huge thanks to all my opponents, because all of them where really polite and awesome players. Overall these games where one of my best melee experiences. And congrats again to Chris for getting the 1st place.


Stathis 1

Nice deck!! What is the new ruling about Forced March?

Toaster 35

Yeah would also be interested in the new ruling for Forced March?
My hope would be it being restricted together with some more cards.

Emils 34

Actually maybe the ruling wasn't anything new, but at least for me it was new. Last year in Stahleck melee there was ruling as soon any opponent can't kneel anymore characters you can't trigger anymore forced march. In Euros there was ruling that you can continue triggering forced march as long as even just one opponent had a character with mil icon.

Toaster 35

Ah okay, thank you.