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gramyotron 13

This is a Concept of deck I was testing last couple of days.

It is an evil pleasure to play with it when everything works exactly as planned. Clydas spoilers make me think if Choke can be serious threat again. Here are the results.

Initial games showed, that there is much too much economy in current meta. This is especially visible against Shadow decks. High Sparrow is here to the rescue. His ability might sometimes backfire (when we want to draw as crazy with Hobb), but keeping Trades routes to solid 7G, which we can lower to 3 is spectacular. The other side of this deck it to steal not only gold coins before they can be used, but also those already spent: -Yoren, -Rat Cook, -Coldhands (chosing opponent's Yoren's target and one of our chars, makes some sweet reset combacks). -Recruiter -Expose Duplicity Each of those cards literally won me at least one game. For Yoren I was thinking about including one Journey to Gulltown, but have not yet decided to do that (it is the nearest change along Clydas though). Event itself can be used as counter measure when we expect some character reset, attachment removal or even as a mean to stop opponent from resetting for one turn. Deck also has blietzkrig scenario included -> Famine with some choke in hands plus military icons, so typical oldschool. From testing I can also tell, that Clydas will be a serious hit in the, lately popular, Jon Snow Voltrons (Same goes for High Sparrow, whom makes his QueensGuard not a mindless use anymore).

It needs some polishing here and there: -maybe more characters with Power -some thougth about fast murder decks (especially Wildlings) -getting dow to 62 cards (it is my original concept + Clydas at the moment). -There are games when I consider having one more Winter Better instead 2xBarring better (we have decent amount of cards that put character’s in play).

That’s it. Choke is not dead. It might not be champion material, but with decent setup it can trash any deck there is.

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