Targ Valyrian Dany Voltron: 2-3 Durham Prime

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scantrell24 3239

R1: Win vs Lanni Kingdom 1-0

King plot does its job and Bodyguard protects Dany

R2: Loss vs Targ Sea of Blood Dothraki 1-1

Fury jumps in Core Drogo and I eat 4 military claim on turn 1

R3: Loss vs Targ Sea of Blood Dothraki 1-2

Overwhelming numbers jumps in Raiding Khalasar and I eat 3 military claim + Put to the Sword on turn 1

R4: Loss vs Night's Watch Kraken Choke 1-3

King plot gets Naval'd

Bonus "Battle for Extra Playmat" Rd: Win vs Night's Watch Valyrian Jontron 2-3

Dany gets Milked and Craven'd immediately. I'm digging like crazy for Viserys or Qohor, finally find Vis when I'm already down about 11 to his Jontron with Lord Commander. I Crown of Gold my own Vis to remove Craven and Dany + Drogo are free to swing the game back in my favor.

So I went 2-0 in games that were actually competitive, and lost the other 3 games on turn 1 when my board was obliterated and/or never established to begin with. With more practice, better decision making, and a few tweaks to the list, the losses might improve up to 40-60 matchups at best but they're not going to be favorable no matter what. Voltron just loses to aggro/attrition in my experience.

I'm going to stick with the list and try 2 Core Viserion and 2 Core Rhaegal so Dany has characters to target when I need more board presence. The plots need some work as well. Maybe a 2nd Return, maybe a high gold option for when I don't want to open Prince, and maybe a counter to Sea of Blood like Game of Thrones or Champion's Challenge.

Potential cards:

At the Gates

A Game of Thrones

Champion's Challenge

Close Call

Time of Plenty

Late Summer Feast


Black Market Merchant

Viserion (Core)

Rhaegal (Core)

Drogon (Core)

Lysa Arryn

Daario Naharis

Green Dreams

Dothraki Steed

Seized by the Guard

Daenerys's Favor


Blood Magic Ritual

Shadow of the East

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