Waumsley's Buzzkill - 2019 Stahleck Update [Top 16]

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Waumsley's Buzzkill - 2nd European Melee Championship 6 5 2 1.0
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Buzz 527

Updated my 2018 Euros deck and gave it to Rabs for the Melee. But I felt bad about the deck I brought so he offered to swap decks right before registration. In the end it brought me far enough for the the Overall Champion title. Very happy I got to play this deck again, very fun(and difficult) times.

You should add a third copy of The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due.

See you next year :)


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r480 146

So glad to have helped you get the overall swapping the deck in the last minute. 1st melee exprience in Stahleck and just loved it. Thanks for being my mentor <3