Waumsley's Buzzkill - 2nd European Melee Championship

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Derived from
Thorny Bridesmaids - King of Swiss, Stahleck Melee 2017 #Tea 4 3 2 1.0
Inspiration for
Waumsley's Buzzkill - 2019 Stahleck Update [Top 16] 1 2 1 1.0

Buzz 516

Based on Wamma's idea in a small Melee build group I assembled for Euros. It started out as a This Must Be Answered Fiercely! deck, but after some testing by Wamma I changed it to be a lot more like my 2017 Stahleck King of Swiss deck. I think a version of this deck with 2x Grand Melee could work quite well in Joust where you can get Fiercely off more reliably(you would have to add Mace as a win condition).

Goal is to be the one who controls the board's tempo. Open Harvest(negotiate with first player if riddle is revealed) and try to go last. Get as much power as possible with making enemies, it is probably worth it to get 1 less power if you spread your attacks or concentrate on the player that is 'ahead'. If you get too far ahead of the others, play Calm next turn and choose Power. Let the others catch up while you build your board for a turn 3 finish. If you didn't manage to get that much power or if you need to stop a rush player you have a bunch of control plots to choose from.

Control the board and deal with your locations. Save your events as long as possible, it is often fine to let people get 12-13 power if it means they become the clear target.

Looooads of tricks and fun. Enjoy.


BaraBob 1

Congrats on great result. What is the main choice of location for Red Door? Highgarden?

Buzz 516

@BaraBob always higharden, yes.