Put to the Love (Dothraki SoB)

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Benji 716

Final Version.

It's mainly about -1 Going Straigthfoward -2 Optimizing the behavior of the deck to counter his counters.

All characters = Military icon with good STR, the only exception being a huge economic benefit like Missandei (but it's still possible to remove her, and I would do it with another 2-gold Dothraki).

15 economic locations = stability

No attachements, I extensively tested Dothraki Steed and... It was rarely good. Just a tie breaking in some situations.

Events = Everything you need to win / not be stopped. No stupid x1 conditional stuff, you prefer drawing what you want regularly and using the tutor of the agenda for obtaining a bonus.

ONumbers to have 18 economy T1. Nightmares to stop what bother you. Lay Siege for Gates of the Moon / TIT / Winterfell. Nothing Burns Like the cold because you will rarely have the use of a 3rd Claim 2. In fact, you build your table so you wont need extra-claim. You largely prefer having location control in your plotline, especially if you can sacrifice an unuseful Plaza of Pride. This plot is especially for Winterfell.

Replacement to Missandei : OBBone + Anguy + Qaithe / Stromcrows x3 / Devoted Bloodrider x3. Hired Assassin are not irrelevant !

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