Dothraki SoB

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Braided Beefy Wild Men Overwhelm Westeros - Madrid Regional 1 1 0 1.0
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Put to the Love (Dothraki SoB) 0 0 0 7.0

Benji 716

My version of Targ SoB from the list published by Rabs and the French champion list of Marto + Nuggets. I like thematic decks, but waited for more knowledgeable people to make the build in order to copy/paste and see if I could improve something. It turns out I disagree with some points, so I publish the list. It is obnoxious for people and give them a bad playing experience, so I will not play it a lot...

Sneak Attack is the opener 100% of the time. It does not take Naval Superiority and you have initiative T1 in the mirror at best, coin flip at worst. You also do not care a lot about the drawback.

Rakharo (DotE) x2 and Rakharo (TRtW) x1. I like fluidity of my decks and I do not understand saturating the economy, when this is the main driver of success. Therefore I cannot play 6-gold Rakharo, since I already have Khal, Khalasar and Drogon. But 4-gold Rakharo is not especially shining either. You play it for his statistics (Traits included) more than his ability in this type of deck. Since Dothraki crucially lacks of the Intimidate rentabilizing making big challenges in Military, I kept one copy of the 6-gold underefficient guy because he is a perfect jumper from discard pile on Overwhelming Numbers.

Talking about economy, I lifted as much as possible the economic curve with cheap cost characters, provided they have military icons and are better than basic statistics : Ser Jorah Mormont (Core), Brown Ben Plummor Quaithe of the Shadow. No Barsena Blackhair, Freedmen or Dany's Handmaiden there. Pure Military to reduce the possibility of being locked. Missandei is still in the deck because it's 0-gold and the synergy with Qotho is bonkers.

Same logic leads to having Gifts x2 and Dothraki Steed x2, this is cheap dope.

You are still dragging behind in terms of economy ( <- Lannister KoSw viewpoint) so I put Plaza of Pride x3. Everything that is too expensive to be played or would saturate reserve after going back to hand goes to discard pile, so you have for 1-gold a magical economic boost. It is somehow the 15th economic location of the deck allowing you to be explosive, while being much more resilient than Kingsroad.

The main logic of the deck is simple : You are polarized. So the best choice in that type of logic is to commit to being completely polarized and not do anything annex, otherwise you just open the gate of being stopped by something doing the same thing than you, or being resilient to you. Polarity is what drives the deck.


Benji 716

It's not at all a Tiers 1 deck. Same problems as always, when you start playing the strategy you see the structural flaw and you understand there is no deep comprehension of what they are doing in the gamedesign. The entire game is like that anyway.

Benji 716

In the line of events, you really need to put PttS x1 and Overwhelming x1.

I made room for testing that. In Daznak's Pit seems to slow.

1x Bribery 1x Consuming Flames 1x Lay Siege 1x Lay Waste 1x Overwhelming Numbers 1x Put to the Sword 2x Put to the Torch 1x Shadow of the East 1x Waking the Dragon