Baratheon Qohor - Champion: La Serena Prime & Chile Grand

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A little bit late.. But here we are:

About the deck:
This deck is a "normal" Baratheon R'hllor / Qohor, but with some small differences.

The plot deck includes Parley at Storm's End which is great against aggressive decks. Also Valar Dohaeris, because despite being a rush deck sometimes the game does not work as expected and it is necessary to reset the table.

A weakness of many Qohor decks is that they don't draw enough cards to have more game options. That is why I include 3 King's Gate and Ser Davos Seaworth (GoH), which has the always useful stealth (and cannot be stolen by Yoren).

The MVP was Stannis Baratheon (FotS) for being immune to events and getting all his keywords through attachment and Alester Florent who always left the game with Heir to the Iron Throne, giving me a kneel and a big character.

Card number 61 is Isle of Ravens, you can replace or remove it if that extra card bothers you.


La Serena - Prime Championships (6-1)

Win vs Baldwin Balboltin Lannister Rains
Win vs Adolfo Olmos Greyjoy Crossing
Lose vs José Tomás Night's Watch Wars
Win vs Álvaro Valdivia Lannister Crossing

Top 4

Win vs Rodrigo Garrido Stark Fealty


Win vs José Tomás Night's Watch Wars

Chile - Grand Championships (6-1)
Lose vs José Antonio Greyjoy Valyrian Steel
Win vs Francisco Gobantes Tyrell - Lion
Win vs Claudio Castro Stark Fealty
Win vs Isabel Escalante Stark Crossing

Top 4

Win vs Cristopher Acuña Greyjoy Valyrian Steel


Win vs Rodrigo Garrido Stark Fealty

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