Red Saturday Winner 2019

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Stahleck - Top Bara 8-2 Top 32 8 3 7 1.0
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Baratheon Qohor - Champion: La Serena Prime & Chile Grand 3 0 0 1.0

Euro Bruh 90

"I never asked for this crown. Gold is cold and heavy on the head, but so long as I am the king, I have a duty." -Stannis Baratheon

This is the deck I finished 1st place with at Red Saturday in New Jersey 2019. Shout out to the event organizers Chris Vac and Dan Strouhal. I wish to recognize my excellent opponents, Michael Dederding, Kikko Arceo, James the Whale Bruh Restaino, Chris the Solo Bruh Vaccaro, Derek Shoemaker and Andrew Kim. Special thanks to Yotam Hechtlinger, Hanno "the one true King" Lünser, my World Cup teammates, and all my Bruhs


Kakita_Rinsei 28

How did you handle milk and strangler???

Euro Bruh 90

@Kakita_Rinseimilk is annoying but not a huge issue. My Bob gets milked in several games. My answer to that is putting disputed claim on him and collecting power that way. Exactly what I did against Stark Fealty at Red Saturday. Strangler on the other hand I have no answers for. If can be pretty crippling. If it happens early in the game then I can switch up Azor characters. If it happens late then I have difficulty closing. Only Steel decks tend to run Strangler and they only have 1 copy, so I'll take my chances. I don't think its worth adding Cressen for that

Vaccaro 437

Your use of my full name is why I don’t use my full name. “Vaccaro” ❤️

Congrats, bruh!

Kakita_Shiro 616

@Kakita_RinseiYou can also Heir to the Iron Throne, hoping for a new target.

Euro Bruh 90

@Vaccaro fixed... sorry Bruh :P

@Kakita_ShiroI could see doing that for something like strangler. Milk isn't so much of a problem since disputed claim can give renown, as does lightbringer for stannis. In all my games with bara qohor (probably over 200 by now) I have never sacked a milked Azor target with heir. One big reason is that Azor is terminal, so it goes to the discard pile.