Stahleck - Top Bara 8-2 Top 32

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1st Place Thronestoberfest 2019 11 7 12 1.0
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Red Saturday Winner 2019 5 3 5 1.0

Euro Bruh 90

This is the Bara Qohor deck I took to Stahleck. Finished 7-1 in Swiss and lost to a great player in a great game in top 32. Special thanks to my amazing opponents, David Röhrich, Wilco van Dijk, Antti Timonen, Tony Makos, Meilhen, Lukas Abels-Vehns, Carsten Praßni, David Dave, and Joe (the Euro-Bruh slayer) Zimmer :D All of you are incredible people that made this experience so wonderful. Thank you Hanno Lünser, Yotam “the $ Mauler”, all Bruhs, Alejandro Pantoja and Irving (whoever that is) for helping me build, test and prepare. Stahleck was incredible. The greatest thrones experience of my life (close second is playing mölkky with the Swedish meta :)


BlueHill 29

Congrats on your performance with the deck! Our game was fast but it was pleasure to play against you. Solid deck and very deserving for the best Baratheon. - Antti

SergSel 48

Congrats! How did Heir perform for you? Was econ enough (I wonder why no At the gates -> GH)?

Euro Bruh 90

@BlueHill thank you Antti. If it had been a battle of the beards I would have been crushed. You are one of the nicest people I've had the honor playing. I hope we get to meet again.

@SergSel Heir used to be gates, but in my building with Yotam we realized that designing the deck to have a turn 1 azor was more important. In about 50% of games I had an Azor turn 1, and over 75% turn 2. Heir was a factor in enabling that. Eco wasn't that much of an issue except when I would draw into Beric without a great hall on the board. Then it was an issue. I also consider Heir to be somehwhat of an eco plot (switching from Shyra to Stannis nets 5 gold) and Selyse cheats gold like a Targaryen.

SonOfBattles1 259

Congrats again @Andras! I'm glad to see Parley at Storm's End is being included. How did it treat you?

Diomedes 2857

Congrats Andras! Was great to meet you :)

Euro Bruh 90

@Diomedes it was an honor to bear your banner and storm the battlefield for my one true King!

@SonOfBattles1 I added it for sea of blood or free folk matchups, which I didn't face a single time. The only time it was useful was to prevent my Stannis from getting his pinch triggered by prohibiting intrigue challenges. Another rationing would have done the same.

Diomedes 2857

I should have added a Parley at Storm's End, because I had to play against 3 Sea of Blood in a row and then The Free Folk on top of that. :D