Green Wings & Golden Roses

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SergSel 32

This is the deck I wanted to build right from the start when Dark Wings, Dark Words was announced to appear in second edition.

The deck uses Tyrell's ability to extract more use out of playing events, what with the cards like The Queen of Thorns (HoT), Emissary of the Hightower, The Knight of Flowers (HoT), Lazy Leo.

Good old Mace Tyrell (HoT) appears as a restricted hero and power accelerator. The rest cards are generally good stuff.

I decided to try out some of the new cards from TTWDFL pack and they are quite good: Littlefinger (TTWDFL) provides insane action advantage and has valuable built-in cancel Vale Refugee is very good for setup and mil claim Harrenhal (FFH) should be used for important triggers and is very versatile, combos well with Vale Refugee Narrow Escape I have not had opportunity to play much, but theoretically finding it with The Queen of Thorns (HoT) for an upcoming Valar or a heavy claim is strong. The Gathering Storm this plot has nearly no downside, if the opponent chnages his plot selection, he must have a something to counter 2-claim.

The way I understand Dark Wings, Dark Words: This agenda promotes event play and to be effective you should use the most flexible events, since they are discarded the moment they are played unlike attachments and Valyrian Steel. The next thing attachments should be cheap since you do not get a gold for playing an event, only a card. I would say VS decks in that regard are stronger.

So I played this deck online and was quite satisfied, I did not keep any stats or tested against meta decks, nevertheless want to share it. Comments are welcome. Happy deckbuilding!

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