Farewell From The Wall

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alta 232

Lord Commandership Retirement

After 4 amazing years, now I am ready to take down my Lord Commander title. Many stories, more friends, great opponents and big battles. The faction was a joke with Tyrell in the beginning of the game, and I was seeking challenges and this was.

There was another reason for chosing NW: I studied theology in a catholic priest seminary for almost 5 years. I had to leave the seminary but I toke the black again with my NW cards. I begin to play AGoT in 2005, with the CCG era and 1.0 as well. In the CCG there was no NW faction only neutral characters and an agenda for the Watch, so that was another reason to pick up the ravens. I wanted something unique, new and stylish, and I had nostalgic moments from the CCG.

My first international victory was the Varberg Morghulis 2016, against one of my best friend, World Champion (Greyjoy DWDW), Jakob Hultman. It was a big surprise for everyone, including me. The deck was very passive in that days, Wall-Heads on Spikes- Winter Festival-3 Benjen. You could win the game without challenges, it was something new, this defensive style was unknown before. Many of you did not like it, I understand, because it is a tactical style, like the Italian national soccer team. First important is the defending and not interactive in offensive.

This deck is controversial like me. I had many AGoT friends but during the years some of my meta mates did not like me. There is a saying : 'Man is like his dog', it is right. 'I am, like my deck.' I am very emotional but deeply, because I am an introvert person. If I was too selfish sometimes (in Stahleck 2018 against István and after on FB) I apologize, it is not an easy task to lead the Night's Watch for years and I have an addiction to win. :) One of the American player said to me at Worlds : I am the Bobby Fisher of AGoT. I am not a great chess player, but it is a kind of proud title. Even Bobby had a terrible personality. :D

2017 was my dream year, managed to win the biggest tournament until that time, Flea Bottom Fracas V, with 197 players. In 2018 I had very hard time, no chance against Euron and Co. The new winner era is the Valyrian Steel, my favourite agenda ever in the 2nd ed. I wish I could make the final on Worlds, I had a big chance after the undefeated Swiss rounds but my draw, my matchup and everything was bad at only one game. But that game was the only game that matters in the Top64. Francis said me after the final, that we played on throneteki before the Worlds, and he never won with the Dothrakies against me. 3 worlds, 3 times lost my Worlds cut game against Targaryens, 3 times bad luck from me. I think it is a Destiny. Targaryens is my Nemesis. :) (Reinhard in 2017, Brad Emon 2018.)

Now a new era begins for me, the First Ranger is searching for new lands. 3 more Prime championships is coming, Ulm, Vienna, Zilina. I would like to test Tyrell, Lannister and Stark Valyrian Steel. I am excited as hell!

Summarize I thank you all of you, here is my international champion titles with my Wall deck. And my very last NW Wall deck, I hope you enjoy!

2016 Varberg Morghulis, Sweden, Fealty 2017 Dockside Brothel Days, The Netherlands, Fealty 2017 Vienna Regional, Fealty 2017 Flea Bottom Fracas, Warsaw, Fealty 2017 Dorne Tournament, Sevilla, Fealty 2019 Slovak Grand Championship, Zilina, Valyrian Steel

Best wishes, Old Bear Tamás Albeck, 1000th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch


celric 409

Were the 2 versions of Jon Snow just for the Fresh Recruits or was there another reason to get Wildling Jon?

alta 232

Mainly for Fresh Recruits if I need dupe to my most important character. Or sometimes I marshall the wildling Jon, there are some matchups (Against Dothraki SoB) when he is better. Good with the Cage of Raven as well. But I prefer the Lord Commander, Power icon and intimidate.

argento 620

congrats for all u did for the watch my friend , u are a source of inspiration for many players , me in first . I was so proud to meet u more in world 2017 . NW pride for ever !

alta 232

Merci Argento! It was a pleasure! This deck is my everlasting favourite but I need some break meanwhile I am discovering new factions. I will be back to the Wall, for sure! See you at the Tourney For The Hand in Lyon this year!

Slycosby 14

As a NW loyalist from the moment I first saw that it was a faction in 2nd ed, I salute you. You have been an inspiration for me to take the black whenever a tournament is on the horizon.

Req 6

We never met each other and I'm not even a Night's Watch player, but I am a great admirer of what you have done with this faction. You have been an inspiration on how to keep trying and improving your own gamestyle without changing the essence of it. I would love to play with you one day if this beautiful game will not die.