Blackwater 2020 - Tamás Albeck

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alta 209

The Battle of Blackwater Bay 2020 - 1st place

Prologue of the Tournament

Yotam Hechtlinger had a joke to me: 'Tamás please build a Wall deck without Jon Snow, Qhorin Halfhand all of the big good characters.' - After some tests I have realized this version of the deck is the best ever Wall deck I made. Thank You Yotam!

The deck has a solid defending style like always but with extra helps:

  • 2 At The Palace of Sorrows plots mean The Haunted Forest = 1 extra defender 'character' per challenges. Sorrows also a good card against burn, crossing, big strong characters.
  • Craster is immune to Sorrows. Halder can boost Craster when all other characters STR is 3. With Practice Blade, Noble Lineage, 'Off to Gulltown' Craster could have more icons.
  • Craster is immune to Valars, so he can survive resets and can be a solid Lord Commander.
  • Good draw - 3 Three-Finger Hobb, 3 Seasoned Woodsman, 3 'Off To Gulltown', Samwell Tarly's insight, 3 Messenger Raven, Exchange of Information, Valyrian Steel
  • In the turn of Sorrows, Catapult on the Wall can target any of the attackers. During the tests I killed Asha, Daario, Euron, The Hound.
  • I did not draw The Wall in the semifinal and the final, but I could manage to win.

Epilogue of the Tournament

Andras Fulop : 'Cut 3 wall. Add 3 nightmares. You clearly don’t need wall to win.'

So maybe I will cut The Wall and try to defend the Wall without The Wall next time. :)


jeermaster 814

Sweet list. Congrats!

Derry 83

So versatile! Congrats on your undisputed run.