Shadow City Top 8 at Worlds

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lennart-ip 467

Hey Folks,

Here is my nasty Shadow Deck I piloted in the Top 8 at Worlds, before I was crushed by my good Friend Hanno LÜ-Lü-Lü-Lünser. Definetly not the most competitive Martell Deck I have build so far, but however I had a lot of fun with it ... Enjoy!

I guess most of the deck choices are very obvious. Flea Bottom as restricted to combo with Shadow City, lots of Economy, because of the plotline, Ghaston Grey for Voltrons early game, Pinch for Voltrons late game. I normally switch the opener between Feast, First Snow and At the Gates. First Snow or Feast often against rush, Feast normally also often against SoB to survive the first Round and to play it from there.

Cards you could probably change in my opinion

dropping: 2 river Gates, 1/2 Secret Schemes (Damn I love that card), 1 Varys, 1 Daughter

could go in: 3rd Robert, 2nd Pinch, 3rd Shadow Priestess, 1/2 Iron Thrones

Plots I missed the most: Dohaeris, 2nd Marched

Feel free to ask me and discuss with me about the Deckchoices.

Thanks to all my friends for that great week, I hope to see you all again soon.

Greetings from the blood orange grove,



jcwamma 2755

Congrats on the tremendous showing! One of the things that caught me off-guard when we played each other was there being 3x Hagen's Daughter. What was the reasoning for that?

theredviperxxx 19

Im very happy with your tournament mr. Lennart, congratulations. Im very happy with some cards especially hagens daughter, flea bottom, the iron Bank ..., arriane martell (pit of snakes), especially this one, great idea.

Maybe all players can made some changes.

Mr. Jcwamma congratulations, great tournament too. Maybe hagens daughter x 3 is the replacement of "the istvan"? .

Diomedes 3136

Sorry for crushing you, Lennart! I should have scooped so you could take out the SoB decks and defend your title!

Atanas Keranov 399

@jcwamma my guess is that you can always discard Hagen's Daughter with The Shadow City to draw 2 cards. Then bring the daughter back with Flea Bottom when military claim is due to repeat the whole shenanigan.

johnypolish 1

Congrats! Martells are my favorites and i didnt know that someone can go so far with IT. Can i ask why you didnt Play jon connington or southron Escort? Greetings!

Req 1

I played a similar deck for a long time but I gave it up because games were so long and hard to finish in the time limit. Even if you are going to win in the long run it becomes very risky in tournaments. Do you have the same feeling?

lennart-ip 467

Hey guys, sorry for the very late answer. I should have checked the comments earlier.

`@jcwamma basically because of the lack of desert Raider. I tried to build a big board on my side in most of the games and she was a big help. She was also very good to slow the game down and with playing valar myself definetly a three off.

@johnypolishoh there was just the simple reason that he is too expensive and too situational in my opinion. I would rather go for a third Robert strong. Southron Escort is not a card I like unfortunately :/ It's just useful if you have shadow city otherwise that means two cards and four gold for a four Str body and if you have Shadow City you rather want to discard the card for draw if you have a spare one.

@Reqhmm I definitely often run to time with my control decks but I guess in around 75 percent of my games the result after the time call would have been the same as at the end of the game and I would also guess that I normally finish 75 percent of my games in time... So I don't regret taking a slow deck to a tournament that often :D