OP! Restrict, please! :P (KoS, 6-1 Prime Championship Ulm)

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YuleOoze 199

Massive cudos go to Reinhard and Carsten for sharing thoughts!

Only lost the final match against the one guy who didn't stick to the gentlemen's agreement... :P Congratulations again, Paul!

If there are any questions, feel free to ask.


SGE 237

One coul say, this Deck violated the gentlemenĀ“s agreement slightly as well... ;) But good job buddy.

YuleOoze 199

Semi-violation! :D

Slippy 8

What was the gentleman's agreement?

YuleOoze 199

@SlippyTo not play the obvious Tier 1 decks like Targ/SoB, Lanni/KoSh, Bara/Qohor or NW/VS etc.

Euro Bruh 90

From what I can see there was a targ sob and a lanni kosh player there as well. So how is Paul the only one? thejoustingpavilion.com

YuleOoze 199

If you take an even closer look, you can see that I was just kidding! @Euro Bruh:D

SGE 237

The agreement was only between YuleOoze, Alta, Dennis Luke, David Te and me. Please excuse us when we are making fun from time to time ;)

siegeszug 289

After piloting the NW Valyrian Steel deck in said tournament I can safely agree, I'd join one such agreement the next time.

zack 126

Thanks for sharing, nice Targ VS spin with Hizdahr zo Loraq as restricted !

I don't get your choice of reset though (Valar Dohaeris), isn't Wildfire Assault all round better in this deck? Dohaeris will often strike back on you and Wildfire has init that allows to beat Return to the Fields against decks that spam the board. So, why?

YuleOoze 199

@zackThanks, mate! :)

As you might know I am the biggest fan of Wildfire (see Stahleck winner decklist), but in this deck VD became a viable option again. It's not only a reset (which nobody expects atm), but also a semi-safe against VM here. So, it's a mixture between a second Return and VM (which was in during testing). Ofc you could play Wildfire as well.