Lannister LotC- Stark Heir Module

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Benji 758

The basic idea of this deck is to copy the Heir module from Stark in Lannister, since Lannister are crippled by stability issues of their main modules. I originally wanted to play this idea in "The Rains of Castamere", but I preferred running a pilot deck that was a blunt copy of the Stark mentality before doing something more complex.

The idea of Powerrushing is exactly similar, but with Intrigue pressure and more draw at the expense of raw ability in powerrush.

Great Hall becomes the restricted of choice instead of Wyman, but would ofc be switched for The Red Keep (DotE) in Castamere.

Therefore, I made the test of At the Gates instead of Late Summer Feast as an opener.

Loan from the Iron Bank takes the place of The Withering Cold because of the economy needs of Lannister.

Running Ser Gregor Clegane (TKP) x3 by cutting Tickler and Old Bill Bone can be made, at the expense of stability.

Of course, the enjoyment of the deck is to run the shit Lord/Lady crippled by stability issues of Lannister : Tommen Baratheon, Ser Lancel Lannister and Myrcella Baratheon (SoD) that you can barely play elsewhere at best.

Running shit cards has limits, since Joffrey Baratheon (Core) only vaguely looks like Catelyn Stark (WotN) on paper.

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