Winter Wolves - (A Feast for crows II - 2nd place)

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Another murderous starks - Battle of Blackwater bay top 4 6 3 1 1.0

Daviduk91 144

I’ve always loved direwolves and always place fairly well with this deck (Top 16) Euros, (Top 64) Worlds. But this meta has made it even stronger, a few major points.

  • KoS was a big weakness, So many cards used to be dedicated to the matchup. Which now can be dropped, keeping in a Last Hearth Scouts just incase.
  • SoB Match up was swingy, so strength boosting cards were needed before to stop their win by 5 and win my own. This is no longer necessary so I can put more effort into claim raising and cheap bodies. In addition the SoB ban means most others are no longer playing heavy military counter cards.
  • The skagos was put in just because, and it did help me twice I do not know if it was necessary. I’d also cut wylla to a 1 of.

    Kill everything keep the military claim up. And draw loads. Turn one Winter Reserves followed up by 2 claim plots the order depends on gold you need, long winter is usually my turn 2. Famine is used to try and hit their resets. Or to try and stop them regaining a board. A time for wolves is for summer, but sometimes you’ll really just need Greywind and it’s worth it. There also Direwolf pups and Shaggy dog if needed. Grey Wind and Bran Stark (OR) are your key characters. Wolves of the North makes killing any target you wish really easy. Along with Strangler on big bodies makes them unusable while Grey Wind is around. Strangler in particular is great against Prince, and voltron decks. It’s also good for controlling win by 5.. The deck has plenty of draw and enough bodies that filling the board to lure a valar reset early is often a good approach making sure you keep at least a couple of characters in hand to repopulate I always aim to hit their Valar Morghulis with Famine. If my economy is up you can reliably get 6-10 gold on the Famine turn. And the cost curve of the deck is very low that should be enough to control the game from there. Valar Dohaeris however I try to hit with A Time For Wolves that way I can pop my important wolves to the bottom of the deck and search him right back out again. Easily replaying him. Keep up this way and your opponent should rarely have a board. The deck won’t win early but it can reliably just make your opponent have no options that the game can still pass quickly.


Derry 104

This is such a sweet and fun deck, the 3x Godswood are amazing. Why not the 3rd Ward? I feel our game would have ended quite differently if I hadn't had that venomous blade after my VM. Congrats on your great run!

Daviduk91 144

I don’t run ways of removing warded characters. If I ran marched I would use 3x but as it is seeing 1 is brilliant, seeing the 2nd occasionally is ok if they claim something but I feel 2 is enough to give me a decent chance of seeing it. Without seeing multiple.

Daviduk91 144

And thanks you too. That venemous blade along with PD were the two things the Shut me down.

Miranda 115

I feel like more skagos makes more ward also doable, tbh.

switching a ward mid challenges phase can be a backbreaking tempo swing