Another murderous starks - Battle of Blackwater bay top 4

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Winter Wolves - (A Feast for crows II - 2nd place) 9 7 4 1.0
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ultrahustodemon 22

No surprises attrition Starks. Took inspiration from winter wolves deck, but tried to build it diferently around valarya, ramsay and put valar morghulis instead of a time for wolves. Never hoped that i would make a cut, but managed to get into top 4, but my greed and mistakes got me in the end.

Tourney report (I am sorry if i recall something wrong):

  • 1st round – vs Calvin Green White book: Win

Opened barring hoping to catch white swords, but he opened At the gates, probably expecting that. I could thin his board until only Beric left, which was ramseyed.

  • 2nd round – vs Florian Hess Stag ("wet zombies"): Loss

Very interesting close game, got a lot of fun, but I knew that in a long run he will got an edge. I managed to steel his drowned disciple twice with ward, but that only slowed him a little. Made mistake thinking that barring will stop tarle, oh boy was i wrong. I kill his dudes only for them to return and power up tarle.

  • 3rd round vs Ben Allen summer builders: Win

Very close game, he got to 10 power in 2 rounds, i got to valar round 3, he got little eco so his board never got wide again. I managed to steel arrya twice with ward (first got confiscated). One round we let ourselves correct our mistakes, which i think countered each other. I crawled back and controled the board with 2 claim plots.

  • 4th round vs. NiKolaus Molder rains: loss

1st round got rekt by cersei and gunthor. With casterley rock online my hand didnt survive - first intrigue triggered gunthor and rains - spiders web following with two 2 claim intrigues – my hand was empty, his cersei with 4 power. Had to valar, but that didnt helped a little. FSoW blocked me from putting anything on board and cerseis brother avenged her dead. My hand and board empty i conceded.

  • 5th round vs James Bamfield crossing: Win

He exploded first round on power with khal drogo, king viserys, jorah, superior claim and winter festival – got him to 10 power, i valared next round and rebuild from that, he never got back to fill the board again and i managed to get it to win

  • 6th round vs hansen Conclave: Win

Bribery-mercenary contract shananigans, but i managed to control the board, despite consuming flames. 2nd round his valar cleared it but i rebuild the board and expected more burning. We managed to fight until last plot, where i valared myself and his boys, but i managed to steel 2 last power with unnoposed by alysanne.

  • Win and in round – vs Calvin Green White book: Win

Rematch – this time calvin got randyl and ser balon swann online, i warded his hedge knight and tried to clear board, alysanne iced his barristan, but i was not able to win on defense, so he get through power and mil challanges with randyl. He got to 11 power quickly and went win or die. In comes king renly. His power challange got only chud blocked but thankfully i got no power on house card, so closely 14 power. I blocked another challanges and valared after that and took the reins.

  • Top 16 vs Hanno Lunser – aliance stag qohor: Win

The Game was streamed by uBaHoB. I warded his gunthor with ser pounce and even though he blocked my military, i managed to discard his hand instead. After he put some chars on board i valared and didnt let him rebuild again.

  • Top 8 rematch vs. Florian wet zombies

I got perfect start – with just enough econ i warded disciple and ramseyed his priest. Then he valared, but i went with famine and enough econ to put 3 chars on board with 2 armories standing cat to clear his hand. He didnt pop his iron gates, if he got to tarle, next round on trade routes could rebuild, but instead i rushed to victory despite naga ribbs + table slowing me down.

  • Top 4 Dennis Luke crossing

It was late and i was tired, but hoped that i can stop crossing enough to turn it around. Managed to ward dacey and frozen solid his armory. It was intense battle, he was gaining power fast and i made mistake i didnt get rid of dacey with 3 power. Didnt expect he would run Weapons at the door, he took back his dacey back and finished easily with I am no one on Arya and armory standing dacey.

Thanks to organisers for making this tournament, thanks to opponents for interesting games and congratulations to champion.

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Diomedes 3055

Congrats! That Ward on Gunthor with Ser Pounce was brutal! Even my 2x Supporting the Faith with a Brothel Madame didn't matter then ;-)