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This is the deck chosen to play against played by Dagga.

Greyjoy's best decks are generally powered by big impactful characters, supported by a large location base of Warships and economy. They also like to play Valar Morghulis aggressively and use their saves to come out ahead.


Character Control

The plots are designed to render those big characters less effective for the turn. Duel is a huge tempo loss for them (unless they kneel Victarion and kill another, and then stand him again in challenges), and Valar D prevents them keeping multiple bigs on the board. Forced March made the deck, being a War plot to help prevent the agenda downside (as does Duel), and because this deck has a lot of low cost military icons that you don't mind to kneel in order to kneel a bigger character.

Roaming Wolfpack is an excellent card early game for multiple challenges with Bran and intimidate, and Nymeria's intimidate is excellent too. Meera is great as a one time blanking effect with stealth.

Marriage Pact is superb on big characters. They definitely do not like to spend 7 gold on a character only for you to play out something like this. Just beware of giving unopposed challenges away as We Do Not Sow can remove this attachment. It's often best to play this after you have played Valar D, but it's not bad as a round 1 hit if you are 2nd player too.

If you play Marriage Pact online, please be aware that it is not implemented correctly. If there is a Valar Morghulis and you have a duped character on the board and your opponent has a character with Marriage Pact, it will clear the board, you save with a duplicate, and then force you to sacrifice your character for the effects of Marriage Pact. This is incorrect. Marriage Pact is an interrupt which means it triggers before characters actually leave play. This means you are able to sacrifice a character that was going to die anyway!! If any opponents have a problem with this, just direct them here -


Arya is superb in this deck. Having her on the board makes saves useless and makes players nervous about using their own reset. She also makes our own Taste For Flesh and Winter Is Coming much more effective, and with Harwin/Nymeria/Greywater Watch/Wardens of the North, these events can be triggered fairly reliably.

If you are able to play Winter Is Coming and/or Bolton Flayer to murder their smaller characters, it makes Valar D much more effective.

Political Disaster makes the deck as this doesn't need many locations to survive, and it can significantly impact Greyjoy challenge phase effectiveness and/or economy if they are forced to discard a large number of locations. As such, I recommend using Old Gate and The Kingsroad liberally.

Reek isn't technically kill or removal, but swapping him with any impactful non-loyal character of the opponent is often game-changing. This does turn off the draw of Old Gate so I only ran him as 1x. As it happened, in the game, Reek was swapped with my opponents Greatjon Umber who I was then able to use in multiple challenges (opponent played Banner of the Wolf).

Finally, if you can get Catelyn into a challenge, then opponents are unable to trigger Risen from the Sea to save. This can be achieved via Wardens of the North and Greywater Watch, or by adding Nymeria (FotOG) and other wolves. This is a great way to trigger Taste For Flesh and target kill a character.


All of these cards will put another card in your hand. Remember if you're ever down to 1 or 0 cards in hand, that's a great time to kill off your Umber Loyalist as it will have no other negative effect.

This game was recorded and discussed by me as I played, so I will link the video here -

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