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Blue Steel (1st place Laughing Tree, Worlds 2019 in 2020) 16 10 3 1.0
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scantrell24 3263

Credit to Sean Emberley for the original build. It was unimpacted by the latest restricted list. I only changed one card, going from Expose Duplicity to Supporting the Faith.

I went into the tournament with zero practice games, but still managed to win my first four matchups against Martell Wars (an unorthodox Guards build), Targ Prince Drogo (with Dothraki), Targ Assault (burn), and Stark Kraken. The deck basically worked as intended, with Greyjoy bigs winning challenges after Valar M leveled the playing field, and the agenda providing a steady flow of card draw.

My final three games were all losses, and none of them were particularly close. The wonky card type splits (only 31 characters and many of them expensive) came back to haunt me. In all three games I had trouble maintaining a board or having enough money to play characters. I was rushed by Greyjoy Crossing and Stark Crossing, then murdered by Martell Wars.

Drowned God Fanatic is amazing, not only for cancels and killing opponent's characters borrowed by Balon, but also for killing your own chuds to get attachments back to hand.

I did enjoy the build and will continue testing it with the following changes.

Consider cutting either Rise or Vanquish and replace something else. Maybe Barring, Loan, or Trading?

Consider changing 6-gold Asha to 7-gold Asha and/or adding one Gorold, especially if you add a big-money plot. They're just soooo good with Scouting Vessels that it's a shame not to have either in here.

Cut at least 2 or 3 of Andrik, Qarl, Aeron, Theon and Hagen's Daughter and replace with Murenmure, Wendamyr, Eager Deckhand and/or Advisor to the Crown. The deck needs more chuds for setup & claim soak.

Cut something for Little Bird, either in addition to or instead of Appointed. Maybe Red Rain (win more?) or Dragonbinder (too expensive/situational though admittedly amazing if it works).

Thanks to the organizers of Blackwater for a well-run event!

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