Blue Steel (1st place Laughing Tree, Worlds 2019 in 2020)

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Blue Steel (4-3 Blackwater Bay)(Derived from ThesaurusRex's 3 2 0 1.0

ThesaurusRex 216

The best summary I could give for this deck is that it is a surprisingly consistent performer and it is fun. There are a few cheeky card picks, but mostly its straight forward good stuff with the steel triggers and cute little combos.


Rise of the Kraken: you're probably wondering why this isn't my other favorite card Return to the Fields. (Fun factoid: I first tried this because I was using Return to the Fields in so many decks that I got lazy and went without it once while playing this deck casually!) That would be a smart addition if it were an open list format, like the Worlds joust, but the impact of Return on the meta is strong enough that I can intimate that I'll flip it without having it and (most times) I'll receive the same benefit. At least one turn, usually to which I could flip a closer (like Rise) and close the game when they should've tried to reset me. Bodyguard, Kerwin, Risen and dupes are also a natural in-faction way to reduce the impact of VM.


Reckless + Throwing Axe: my new favorite combo, which closed a game. I took first player, marshaled Euron and a Throwing Axe. Pass to my opponent, who plays out Robert Baratheon with some attachments. I have Longship Maiden's Bane, so I do a free intrigue challenge and restand Euron. Now comes the fun: Valyrian Steel ambush Reckless onto Robert, and swing for military. He's forced to participate and the Axe is free to be let loose.

Fleet Captain + Maiden's Bane: everybody has stealth thanks to Asha, so winning unopposed becomes very easy. And once decided that it'll be free to slip on by, why not make your biggie a captain and restand him (and LMB) for free?

Balon Greyjoy + Drowned God Fanatic: this should not be news to anyone, but this combo is stupid good. With the amount of pillage, I'll eventually expose something in your discard and take it with Box Balon. When I'm done using your important character, Vince'll send them home in a body bag. Real obnoxious combo.

MVP cards:

Vanquish the Unbelievers: my opener, using the Ironborn synergy across the deck (and getting the added bonus of Aeron Damphair's effect for free on damn near anybody.) Asha Greyjoy gives unique Ironborn (most of the deck) stealth, and my big guys do big guy work. Its hard for the opponent to control every aspect of the board. The only non-Ironborn to watch for are the reducers, Kerwin and Vinces (and why would you ever set up a DGF anyways?)

Risen from the Sea: my first question when this agenda came out was whether or not risen would trigger steel. And oh yes, it does, oh yes. Not only does it augment your most amazing save into gold or draw, but you can bypass the restriction and still run 3!

Victarion Greyjoy: boats 'n hos. There are a lot of warships packed into this deck, and it turns Vic into a control/ renown/ machine gun monster.

Support of Harlaw: once a meme card, this turns any character into a three trait monster. If you haven't seen Vic, but you've got a ton of boats, its the perfect way to turn a chud into a surprise renown stealthy boi for the final bit of power you're missing.

King of Salt and Rock: this triggers off any and all instances of pillage, including your opponents. Given how many pillage traits are in the deck, you can safely rack up a ton of extra power while covering your butt for King plot.

My memory is bad, so I don't think I can adequately describe my matches. But they were all fun, and I appreciate my opponents whose skill and determination showed through in their play. (Also this would be the first time that I played Ryan Wood, but not the last: we were paired TWICE again in the melee!)

Round 1: Austin Whatley - Bara Qohor

Round 2: Ryan Wood - Bara Steel

Round 3: Keith Leon - Bara Qohor

Round 4: Eric Swanson - Lanni Conclave

Round 5: Alex Tonak - Targ Rains


Kakita_Rinsei 23

Congratulations you planning on doing a tournament report or sharing a link of your game?

ThesaurusRex 216

Hi, thank you! I'll write something later when I get home.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

Still waiting for a detailed