R'hllor Brotherhood

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None. Self-made deck here.
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R'hllor Brotherhood, 5th Place on Friendly Open s03e01 2 0 1 2.0

Lord_Steffon 10

This deck is my attempt for Brotherhood without Banners deck. I really enjoy them in books so I decided to play them in this game. Originaly it should be without that strong R'hllor theme, but I think it is good emprovement to this deck. Most cards have R'hllor synergies or just have R'hllor trait and are good. Non R'hllor cards here are: Ghost of High Heart (really powerfull when I have no loyal characters in deck), Devan Seaworth (tutor for either The Hollow Hill or Chamber of the Painted Table), Maester Cressen (to avoid Milk of the Poppy and other anoying Conditions), Old Bill Bone (kneel your opponents faction card can really matter in some games), The Hollow Hill (really good with nothing loyal in the deck) and Chamber of the Painted Table (it is good and it is another potential target for Devan's ability)

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