Suns N' Roses

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Badrach 17

This is the deck I've played this Sunday on Barna Dohaeris

The idea is simple, Martell tricks + Totally not Olenna Tyrell + Crown of Axl Rose = Flea Bottom full of people.

Also Better than Stark Elf to search Ariannes, Obaras or Whatever you need is pretty handy, and Qohor can make a hell of a Challenge Phase for your opponent when you have the plethora of negative attachments this deck has.

Pros: lots of options, fun to play and resilient to resets/not having economy (against GJ Winter I had 0 locations and still won)

Cons: Alliance is not the most stable type of deck and sometimes it spits you up all of the attachments (or none at all). Weak against Targ which I had the luck to not play against. Weak against fast decks as you need some setup before the magic starts flowing.

R1 vs Stark VS: opponent has a very short board and Voltron Wolf King Robb with his toys went back to the hand to deliver a message of peace. W

R2 vs GJ Winter: opponent preferred to get rid of my recycle center and my discount disputed claim instead of going Winter Reserves, which in the long run hurt him more than me. W

R3 vs Freefolk: Not much to say about this one. L

R4 vs Tyrell LoC: T1 my main acrobat and her substitute fell in love with two flashy knights and left me. Heartbroken I barely could stand the tears coming off my face, as I saw them straight away flirting with another lady. L

R5 vs Tyrell Banner Wolf: As my acrobats went back asking for forgiveness, I got my revenge when my opponent played Spooky House and I told Obara that I would forgive her if she spend a night there. So after that I could let my Boa play safely. W

R6 vs Martel Kothh: lots of tricks where made during this round, but I was bound to lose, for the opponent had something that I don't. L

And that, my folks, is the sad story of how I almost made Top8 and best Martell with an Alliance-Qohor deck but ultimately failed. Congrats to everyone for making this a blast to play even online (in person the WTF looks of some plays are priceless) and if you ask me "Hey, how are you going to fix this deck with the reswordings?" -> I won't.


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