NW-VS Magnus - Middle Of The Pack! - Barca Charity 19th Dec.

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Zinnie 7

This is the deck I brought to the online Christmas charity tournament 19th, made with a lot of help from the AGot community at https://discord.gg/Db5THvCg

Plots: Pretty straight forward most of them, added Duel for those Aloof and Apart decks (could also been picking Expose Duplicity since both shadow and Aloof decks are super popular these days), and Champion's Challenge to synergize with The Wall (Core).

My tips to new players:

Patience is key! Almost all my games lasted the full hour (some didn’t, but too big mistakes were made to play the full game). The opponent often starts out stronger, but you can ease yourself into the game with your Valyrian Steel (R) plot. The 0 cost Attachments are extremely valuable as a way to draw yourself through your deck to finding your gems (Craster) at the right time and Water Dancer's Sword is an awesome card to make sure you never run out of attachments to play! Play at least one attachment in marshalling phase, and one in challenge when running this to get used to all the attachments and when to use the correctly (its far too easy to just sit on them, and ending up as claim in your discard pile. Champion's Challenge is best used early midgame, or as an game ending play late game. Do not use it straight after you’ve marshalled you big guys (Benjen Stark, Craster), but use it when you got your small guys out, and not quite have board control yet.


1st round – Loss vs Radek Z, Lannister – Banner of the Kraken. Radek Z just swept over my deck, with him getting control from round one, good play from him, me struggling with my draws, ended the game with 8 cards in hand and zero of them characters. But my first tournament game ever, and I knew I met a really good player, so gg :)

2nd round – Loss vs Manuel Terán, Martell – Knights of the Hollow Hill.

Was on the front foot until the stream entered our game 8-). Playing even (slightly behind), ending the game with a terrible plot/character play (Champion's Challenge same round as marshalling Benjen Stark), ended with him being knelt and winning two unopposed challenges, and getting completely control.

3rd round – Win vs hidra, Baratheon – Banner of the Rose.

The Baratheon player rushed from the get go, winning 5 power vs 0 after just one round! I slowly worked my way back into it, but it looked kind a dark for a while there. With some clever (lucky), plot play I started getting more power as the rounds went. At 11-3 I was feeling that this wasn’t totally hopeless, but the clock was really against me. Had 6 minutes to get my first win. I finally drew Craster – he was then milked – I drew a dupe + Lord Commander, and started getting value after my valar was played. At 9-11 (yeah, he was standstill at 11!) I was feeling this was going my way, and even got to draw The Wall, and got 11-11 just seconds before the timer was up. At 11-11 my opponent forfeited and the first win was secured.

4th round – Win vs Ilja Muromez, Greyjoy – Aloof and Apart.

My best game of the tournament. I was in control from start to finish in this game. I slowly got the board, and never gave it back. I got to Duel Gorold Goodbrother and Euron Crow's Eye (R) in round 5, and again got to use the power of Lord Commander (this time Bejen was the target) to win the game. I didn’t draw The Wall until late in the game this time too, and game ended the second I played it.

5th round – Loss vs Juan Hernandez, Martell – "The Rains of Castamere".

What can I say? When you play 4 characters and 2 attachments (all characters 3 cost or lower), when The The First Snow of Winter is Mr. Hernandez’ chosen plot...

The reason behind sharing this deck (even tho I’ve just won two of my games), is that I feel I got the chance of winning 4 out of 5 of my games played with it. And that says a lot, since it's my first tournament ever. And I feel if it were a better player controlling this deck, we would have seen a Night Watch VS deck in the top 8 of this tourney.

Drop a comment if you got any questions or suggestions on other cards that could/should be included/removed in this deck:)

Thanks again to Lannister for arranging this tournament, I'll be back next year for this!

Derived from this: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/14148/blackwater-2020-tams-albeck-2.0

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