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robrobrobwright 20

I’m not sure that this deck is any good at a high level but I love it in casual play (though opponents don’t). Main strategy is to be first player and to drag opposing characters into challenges through use of Ellaria Sand (TRW), Margaery Tyrell (HoT), Dornish Paramour and Reckless. With some icon manipulation this often allows the one challenge you want to win to get through and nothing too nasty to come the other way. There is some tech to return characters to hand as well through When I Woke..., Spotted Sylva and potentially a big Darkstar (SoD) turn, particularly if you can remove your other characters first.

One major thing it lacks is a strong finish. I’ve been trying to play around with At the Palace of Sorrows (R) and Melee at Bitterbridge to get Renown on 5ish characters but difficult to pull off. I also like the interaction between House Florent Knight and Sorrows but think this needs its own dedicated deck. Is there a better option?

As previously, I don’t have all the cards (Core set x3, premium packs, first cycle but no others) but welcome suggestions for improvement either through current cards or ones I’ve yet to discover (The Fowler Twins?). Also, anything that might trip it up. Thanks!

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I like your decks! Keep publishing