"Sworn to the Rose" - WINNER and BEST TYRELL at ZGZ X

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Lannister 557

Hi everyone!

I feel myself humbled and honoured of winning the great Zaragoza Tournament (ZGZ X) in Spain in its 10th and last edition. Thanks Kike for all your effort all these years.

Gotta say that was pretty awesome seeing all my Barcelona meta mates taking over the TOP 4. Good job team!

Also all my respect to my friend Harren, our always champion, who was King of Swiss and made a hell of a performance


The tournament was based in: Original Format + Forgotten Heroes + Jade Sea under the Spanish National RL


This deck has 2 great win conditions:


There are plenty of little tricks that I leave for you to figure them out.

Definitely The Pointy End was a pain and slowed me down several times.

I guess the Spanish RL will change dramatically after this victory which feels fair tbh :D



  • Cristobal - Stark Fealty: WIN
  • Kike - The Freefolk: WIN
  • Harren - Greyjoy Fealty: LOSS
  • Julen - Martell White Book: LOSS
  • David - Martell KOTHH: WIN
  • Adrian - Martell WTC: WIN


  • Julen - Martell White Book: WIN
  • Ermengol - Martell WTC: WIN
  • Harren - Greyjoy Fealty: WIN

All hail House Tyrell!

Keep playing Thrones. The best game of all


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