Warhammer is here to STAY!!!

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Reader 292

Just a spot of fun and ultra intimidate with Bob's Tool that just refuses to enter the discard pile... and if it does... just Dance it back to hand.

You could achieve all of this at a much lower curve, but I wanted to see how buff I could make Middle Bro, who already buffs himself nicely. Use R'hllor's Blessing to increase str. even more.

Banner Dragon is the 'go to' banner for either Voltrons or generally fetching your attachments and protecting your characters with Qarth

Nothing too serious... just a spot of fun... enjoy!


SonOfBattles1 436

Have you tried Black Market Merchant? It also adds some additional attachment tutoring from Dragon.

Reader 292

Hey! Well met Peter.

Yeah I started with 3 Merchants. They were just too costly to play alongside the two Kings and the R'hllor 'package'. Gifts seemed to work just fine

If you wanted to try a lower curve, maybe non Loyals out of Brotherhood, with Anguy and Giantsbane as you King replacements (King Beyond the Wall mayhaps) then Merchants would be more affordable.

You could do the Hammer trick a number of ways I guess.

Reader 292

Withering Cold could be very effective of course!!!