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Reader 248

While helping a friend out with some Targaryen decks for an online event, I put this together to try and get the best out the Harma Dogshead pillage trigger. So lots of Free Folk and lots of Items and Weapons.

The agenda is still bonkers anyway, but with Pentos, Harma and Groleo its even better.

Would love to have room for cards like Frozen Shore, Qarth and Sweetsleep... but its just not that serious a deck. If you want to make it a bit more competitive (but less fun)... add a cheeky flyin' rat!!! Pretty nasty ambushing the rat in on your Vanquish flip!

Its been a fun deck to test and play and I'm sure you'd have fun piloting it too.

Fetch what you want for the right occasion, triggering agenda and Groleo in the process. Bring back cards like Milk, Seized, Strangler and The Horn of Winter.


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