8 Regents Greensight - Pure joy when the Crone hits their Ro

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Aypaulie 45

This is the deck I used against Stark (Rains of Castermere). It is an almost card for card copy of Reinhard's Sea of Blood deck that he built for the tournament.

The only changes being the addition of lay waste to remove Winterfell primarily and 2 copies of Shadowblack Lane to fetch the events and shuffle the deck, which I was missing by not being Sea of Blood.

The final and best addition made was to add 3 x Crone of Vaes Dothrak. In testing I found that winning pales in comparison to the joy of hitting a big character with greensight and croning them to death.

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hagarrr 829

Cronesight!! Excellent, this might be a nice agenda to build up bodies for Slavers Bay Ports aaaaaaand....... House of the Undying <3