"Fealty in disguise" [Winner Norvegian Nats 2022 - Joust]

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Robb of Norway 7 1 2 1.0
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lady_eliz 8

This is the deck I played at Craster's Keep (Norvegian Nationals 2022) a few days ago: as some players asked the list, i'm happy to publish it, even if I really don't think it's either an original or a particularly strong build. It went good that day, in a specific field (never got to consider using PD!). And that 1x Reek did wonders :D. To quote a friend of mine - who happens to be the current World Champ' - the deck looks like a "Fealty in disguise" more than a "true" Crossing. He is probably (certainly) right, as it was originally inspired by Argento's Fealty, and then adapted to a Crossing I would be able to play correctly (byebye new Skagos^^, welcome Alysane, which is definitly good in Crossing). Anyway, it worked fine, and allowed me to bring home an unexpected title, in addition of the wonderful memories of a fantastic weekend at Craster's Keep. Huge thanks to the amazing Norvegian meta for organizing it, it was a blast!

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