Randyll Reaching Bulgarian Nationals 1st place

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Malkavski 55

Took this to the BG Nats and did quite well, so here is an alternative take on the Randyll Shenanigans. I spent several weeks trying to figure out some sort of Tyrell Combo/Control to no avail (the goal was to be a Tyrell House Card) and at the end, on the day before the tourney just went and added all the Reach, Small Council, Spy and Army cards that are good value. The gold curve was quite high, so decided on going KoS, to boost the generation. Trade Routes (R) are MVP when Randyll Tarly (JS) gets going and with 1/3 of the deck being Reach it's easy to have 2 turns with 15+ gold. I was kind of surprised by the passive power generation. Prior to the event took the deck for a spin on the FO episode 3, where I went 2-2 and Gazna won with another iteration on Reachy Randyll.

The deck struggles against GJ and has no attachment/location hate, so I am considering swapping "Lord Renly's Ride"and Littlefinger (Core) for 2x Lay Waste


Kentucky Shaun 39

I like this deck. What do you think about For the Realm instead of The Prince Who came too Late? With all the armies and 5 cost Highgarden, it seems like a better tempo choice.

Malkavski 55

The deck went through some iterations, but generally The Prince is there to fetch Randyll in order to start rolling those dice on the Reach locations (usually 1 standing and 1 taxation phase is enough to get you going), so you can set up good Trade Routes (R) turns.