Greedy Folk Stahleck 2022

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Greedy Folk - 2nd place Barna Dohaeris 2019 - 49 players 9 9 3 1.0
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Matamagos 147

5-3 at swiss

The redisigned version of Free Folk stops the 4 claim of the original version and limits us to 3 claim. However, previously we needed to win 2 icon challenges to proceed to claim 4, ussually military + intrigue. The lost games started by us not being able to win 2 icons in a round. When our rival defended our intrigue our power challenges we just ended in claim 2. In the redisign we cannot expect such a high amount of attrition as before, but the deck is more solid, as we only need wo win military to land a reliable claim 3 round after round.

The interaction between Val + Wildling Scout + Dalla gives us a solid draw engine, and Hollow Hill works wonders. The current game is able to win the long games, so we no longer are a deck that needs a speedy win.

I tried the in-faction wildlings, specially Jon Snow, but on my tests it was too expensive for my current deck. Will need several changes to play around Jon.

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