Boros needs a Hound

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Adkadi 323

Not a great performance in Stahleck (5-3) but I think The Hound interaction with the agenda is strong enough for someone to try to do something good with it so I share it to see if it could be inspiring for someone who is more active in the game than me.

It was great to feel Thrones alive in Stahleck again. Hopefully we will feel the same again next year.

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mr chipz 2

This deck completely destroyed my Bara Qohor with insane tempo swings from The Hound (HoT) with The Many-Faced God. Very creative take on Lannister for sure. I had a lot of fun and this might be my favorite deck I've seen at Stahleck. Definitely going to build and try this at home. - Crimson Mayhem/Benni