I'm Free - Stahleck 6-3

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ErgMachaon 41

Hi everybody !

Here is the deck I played in the Stahleck tournament. 6-2 at end of rounds: 9th. Then eliminated in the cut: 17th in the end.

Those who know me know that I don't really like big guys. This is strongly felt on this list!

I had a lot of fun playing this deck which is better than me. Certainly ! I created it two weeks before the tournament and saw some interactions live, during the tournament. I was surprised by my own deck ^^ . Damn, truly not the best driver… I mainly came for the melee which did not smile on me. I wasn't expecting anything in the joust and it smiled on me.

Be careful, the deck always leads to time. So you have to play fast, very fast...and not be afraid of losing 0-10 in T3. Its strength : a huge draw that allows you to find all the keys you need. Average draw per turn : 4/5/6 cards (usually draw + Messenger Raven + Old Tattersalt + Flea Bottom Alley + Three-Finger + Aged Craftsman + Eastwatch). The deck also makes excellent setups and allows for a lot of redrawing. Only one Mulligan in 9 games.

A big thank you to all the organizers. Thanks thanks ! Everything was perfect ! A big thank you to all my opponents of the day, in order: Tomáš Hrnčiar/Joni Lampimäki/Tom Beskers/Víctor Marquina/Dominik Haas/Jakob Müller/Andrei Potop/Martifoz/Libor P. It was a real pleasure!

The deck doesn't look overly strong on paper. But, once launched, it becomes hell for the opponent.

  • Open T1 and T2 on The Maiden. Then, always put yourself as 2nd player
  • Defend the Wall and counter-attack with the Vindictive Rangers (whose reaction I forgot at least 5 times throughout the tournament...Trully, I'm not the best driver),
  • Old Tattersalt is a huge help in finding everything you need,
  • Janos Slynt helps you sacrifice it. Or to sacrifice to Aged Craftsman,
  • Mutiny helps you sacrifice Tattersalt or Aged Craftsman. Do not hesitate to keep the Forest Patrol in the shadows to do so,
  • Flea Bottom helps you bring them back and redo their effect
  • Blackbird helps you put Tattersalt back in the shadows after came out with Flea Bottom, etc, etc. This is insane draw
  • Watcher on the Walls was one of the main idea of the deck. It helps me a lot!
  • Same for Mutiny. Janos is the priority target and is there to protect Jaremy Rykker from our own Mutiny.
  • Three-Finger always work well. Best draw card
  • Mole's Town is hell for the opponent
  • The Wall is the key. I can't find it in Cut even though I've drawn about 45 cards... It happens!
  • Veteran Builder helps a lot against Assault, especially as you are 2nd player.

The cards that should be incorporate in :

  • Nightmares in x2. I missed him terribly. Especially, he could easily be found with Tattersalt.
  • Unbridled Generosity in x1. Ditto, with Tattersalt, it's perfect. Would reload Flea Bottom and Mole's Town
  • A third Old Tattersalt +++
  • A second Janos Slynt +++
  • A second Balerion That is 6 cards. However, I really don't know what to remove!

Please let me know your thoughts! Have fun. FOR THE WATCH !


argento 649

Congrats Erg ! As i told you before the tournament, i was very pessimistic about Wall Defense, and i was wrong ! Well played , very smart build of your own , bravo ! FOR THE WATCH

Duckbringer 63


Is Exchange of Information worth it since you only have 4 events? Wouldn't Building Orders or Counting Coppers serve you better plus leaving you an option to run another restricted card?

ErgMachaon 41

Thanks !

@Duckbringer : you are perfectly right ! If I had to change the plotline, I would remove this plot for something that would help me to find The Wall. So, these two plots look good ! I also had a look on Bran the Builder.

The main reason why I ran Exchange is for the Summer trait to counter Winter Festival of LotC deck. I was afraid of rush deck.

TRYHRDRf1sh 29

Congrats! You are right … it can become hell for opponent ;) - also you have a a good weapon against the beloved fools: bestow one gold on Balerion ;-) If you had done that my conceed would have been 5 minutes earlier :) Greetings Jakob

dom 457

Thanks for posting! Our match was very very tough, but double Flayers turned it in my favor. Congrats on making top 32