Martell SoB - Chilean Nationals Melee Winner

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PeregrinTuk 14

This deck has surprising results, I played it in the last online World Cup in joust format and now in melee format it allowed me to win the Melee Chilean Nationals. The game plan is very simple and straightforward.

First plot, it's always At Prince Doran's Behest and reveal At the Gates. The goal is to have Gulltown from the start and build a solid economy, essential for a character-based deck.

The next turn is to set up the table, try to have Doran Martell (Core), Mellario of Norvos, Ricasso, Quentyn Martell (SoD) and Ser Cletus Yronwood. It is important to make military challenges to the weakest player in that challenge to look for To The Spears! and Doran's Game (R) with the agenda. Keep The Red Viper (Core) in your hand until the final hit's turn.

The third or fourth turn is the winning turn, if you have Ser Cletus Yronwood and reveal A City Besieged you will make sure to go first, then play The Red Viper (Core) and ideally protect him with Sweetsleep. In the challenge phase, play your copies of To The Spears!, Doran's Game (R) and accumulate powers with The Red Viper (Core) .

At a one table, I did all 15 powers in a single challenge phase.

I had forgotten that Host of the Boneway is legal on melee format and is clearly a much better option than Starfall Cavalry. A change that without a doubt must be made to the deck.

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