Targaryen Summer - For Beginners

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Magnus 121

Norwegian meta decks

These are some of the decks being used by the Norwegian meta. I will rank each of them from beginner to hard (beginner meaning this can easily be used as a deck to introduce the game to a newbie) Each deck is built to be used competitive in some forms, and even the decks ranked BEGINNER can do real damage :)

This deck is ranked BEGINNER (well suited for a first time run)

Kings of Summer

The idea behind the deck is a very simple challenge based deck to get new players into the game. It bases itself on Daenerys Targaryen (Core) Khal Drogo (Core) to do challenges with Renown to winn the game. It works both for Joust and Melee which is superb when you are learning the game! It's not completely without tricks either:

Special plays:

Dracarys! - even though burn has been restricted and rendered useless by its own, still has Dracarys! which can annoy the opponent :) Keep a Dragon standing with one gold in hand, and play Dracarys! during a challenge to kill a 4str or lower character.

Fire and Blood is here to save characters if some of them dies - most importantly Daenerys Targaryen (Core) or Khal Drogo (Core). Trick play - Fire and Blood can also be used to revive one of the Hatchlings (Drogon (Core), Rhaegal (Core) or Viserion (Core)) - so defend with one of the Hatchlings for a military challenge, and choose one of them as claim. Then play Fire and Blood to get it out in play from the deadpile again; standing.

Let me know if anything if you feel there's something that could be done to make this better (in the sense that it should be low triggered deck as it's for the newer players), or if there's anything you want to ask about the deck in general, and I'll answer as quickly as I can :)

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