The Halfman Horde -Losing the Cards

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Sammy 29


VincentAdultman 1

Hi Sammy, I've got a Clansmen deck I created recently and have been looking at adding The Warden of the West and The Halfman's Horde, if they will work in mine.

Could you add more copies of Timett? And Ulf would be good too. You have a lot of ambush that can assist him. Both would help with Halfman Horde, as they're unique Clansmen.

Could Without his Beard be useful? It would allow you to discard 3 cards and then draw that many with Warden of the West.

I don't think you have a valid target for The Warden of the West, do you? It needs a Lannister Lord.

2x For the Realm seems too much, I think. You only have one army that costs more than 4 gold and it's unique. There is no stronghold over 2 gold.

Squire seems a bit of a waste too, as you have no knights and not many expensive armies.

Maybe Attack from the Mountains could be useful too? To put those expensive clansmen into play and provide you with a surprise extra character. Moon Brothers are fantastic too (and would boost Timett, Ulf, Horde or even get a surprise win from Stone Crows to get an extra kill).

VincentAdultman 1

Also, just had a thought. Rather than TPTWP, why not play The Many Faced God as agenda? It would allow you to ambush a character in cheaper (lots of Clansman ambush) or you could use the other ability to give a character the Clansman trait, allowing you more triggers using that trait.

Chawa 3

Is it me or you have no target for The Warden of the West ..?

Sammy 29

chawa you are right. i have testing it with Lords and Clansman there it working but i rebuild deck. in original Deck no wardens of the West thx for looking

Sammy 29

Hello Vincent, first of all thx for watching my deck. you are right first attempts with this deck was my agenda no so usefull i will try this with other agenda and mountains. i give you feedback

VincentAdultman 1

No problem, Sammy :)

My deck is a House with the Red Door agenda, using the Tower of the Hand. It basically involves surprise putting characters into play by various means and then returning them to hand (Tower of the Hand being one of the ways to do this).

Coincidentally, my deck is VERY similar to this recent deck:

The deck description includes a link to a YouTube video, where they describe how the deck was built and how it works. It might not function in the same way your deck does but it could give you ideas on what you could do, especially with the Clansmen cards.

Sammy 29

thx i will watching and look for some additional idieas ;) i thing with clansman and can work really great but hard playing against tyrell decks. i thing against actually meta better is an anti deck perhaps with

Sammy 29

delana and house stark... we will see next tournemant is coming