🇳🇴 Targaryen Aloof and Apart World Cup

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Tourney Report German Nats 22' Zinnie, Targ Aloof 16 3 3 1.0
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Magnus 121

🇳🇴 Aloof and Apart

This deck got many versions throughout the years, and this is built from using one of Reins Aloof as core - so kudos to him <3

We had a bit more aggressive deck in place (2x A City Besieged - which would in fact work greatly now that Gulltown Merchant got released), but we opted for a bit more versitile deck which would fit both pilots (ayPaulie and Zinnie).

A really short summary of the deck: If the opponent lets your board get out of hand and got nothing to cancel all the claims flying around = GG.

There is so many claim/kill effects that is really hard to play against and its super fun to play as well :D

If you don't like playing the attachement heavy style, you can go for event heavy instead. Rowandra plays a rather deadly one with events :)

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