ESP- World Cup - Fuck your honda civic I got a wolf outside

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The deck I played during the World Cup. Why no resets? Because I think this deck cannot afford 2 resets in a game, maybe I'm wrong and I have to test it with one. The "reset" here is the withering cold + Rickard. I think I'd include some Ramsays and add one more Crannogmen.

  • Won against Tyrell Rains (Ilja) and Stark Fealty (deadmeat).
  • Lost against Stark Xing (Dennis) and Stark Trident (siegeszug).

Enjoy the only game that matters :)

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oldbearmormont 1

Congratulations! I like your version compared to other Stark control decks posted on this website because other decks partly rely on Milk of the Poppy, Nightmares, Frozen Solid, etc. whereas this one controls the board through other means:)