"Aloof and Win" - Finalist at Barna Dohaeris 2023

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Tyrell Catalonia World Cup (Unbeaten until Semifinals) 1 3 0 1.0
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Lannister 570


Piloted this awesome deck to the final of our city tournament Barna Dohaeris in Barcelona. Thanks to Marquina and Sazy for keeping this tournament running.

It felt very strong and the latest decisions as were including again Left, Right and some character removal with A Pinch of Powder x2 and The Father made a big difference.

I lost vs my friend Gatomorgan in the final with Martell Knights of the Hollow Hill which currently is in the top of the foodchain. I still managed to beat him during the swiss but he took a more aggressive stance for the Final I never could come back, which rarely ever happens to this deck. Congrats mate!

It is my finest and final evolution of Tyrell Aloof and Apart which I have been exploring for a while lately, as you can see in this later interview of Friendy Open where I explain my rationale when building this kind of Good Stuff decks.

Now I will start exploring new grounds as the last pack brings so many threats to this deck.

Try it! Feel free to throw comments and discuss ideas.


BizTheDad 18

This deck is very strong. Thanks for sharing.

Lannister 570

Happy you are enjoying it @BizTheDad See you around :)

calamar 1

Una autèntica piconadora de carn !!

Spirit_Bear 32

Cool deck!