[Joust] Targ The Crazy Titan - French Nats 4-3

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Comm 48

This is the deck I played at French Nationals 2023.

I made the cut but I lost against one of the nemesis of this deck: burn.
However, I didn't expect the deck to perform so well. It is very pleasant to play but is quite complicated with all the cards under the Fools that you need to remember or (as I did) to constantly look at.

It is based on a combo I found funny, but which is hard to pull off since it requires 3 specific cards and 1 more flexible one.
However, the deck can easily win without the combo.

So the deck is centered around The Titan's Bastard and the "crazy" combo:

At this point The Titan's Bastard has 6 STR.


Ice on the cake: The Titan's Bastard is a Bastard char, so he can stand even if Delena Florent is on the board :D

If you don't have The Titan's Bastard, you can build the tower on Haldon Halfmaester or Missandei as they both meet the requirements:

Dragon Skull was very good and could replace the need of Shagwell to gain keywords.



A nice combo!!!

siegeszug 327

Creative! I like the Mummer's Farce + Qarth + Tyrion interaction.