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Reim 855

This was the deck I brought to Stahleck this year. It was a tough decision because I also could play Targ/Pince Good Khal from Peter but decided to play the deck which one was more a creation of mine. I played the Brotherhood Deck for a while in different versions and ended up with this list for Stahleck.


The agenda provides a high flexibility and the characters allow different kind of game plans. Going for rush with renown and queensguard or going to kill and control the board with Jaqhen and Lady Stoneheart (it was always lovely to see when I was the second player and was able to put Lady Stoneheart in the first round into play and the opponent has previously marshaled a single loyal key character).

Key cards:

Kindly Man -> remove Token from Ser Jorah, Give Tale Token to Thormund, give a kiss token to a character with a dupe to bring back Lady Stoneheart. Ghost of Highheart -> the plus 1 is amazing and looking in the opoonent`s hand is always very usefull and especially against Targ (Burn), Martell Thormund -> he is very often the character to rush to victory and also the closer after killing/controlling the board after MKC Jaqhen H'ghar -> with Queensguard it can go very fast to destroy the Board of the opponent Lady Stoneheart -> kill the loyals for putting her on the board. Bring her back when the opponent get rid of her (the kindly man is needed in this situation for a kiss token) Varamyr Sixskins -> very good against Burn Decks and Greyjoy Decks -> + 5 and Stealth with the agenda and he is growing to be a mountain The Hollow Hill -> is the card which makes the deck so strong. Searching every round for a character or dupes is amazing and prepares my Deck for a well-timed MKC Freedmen -> one or two oft hem in the MKC or first snow turn helps a lot Stalwart Shields -> with the assault keyword it could help against painted table, Gaston Grey and so on Queensguard (restricted card) -> with Dragon Egg, one Tale Token and the agenda for example Thormund has Intimidate, Insight, Renown and stealth. Not the worst Anguy the Archer -> with not kneeling in military challenges also a very strong card, especially because of the costs


Starting normally with at the gates and after that The Maiden. The next plot depends on how the board state looks like. Often there is coming a soft reset like first snow or MKC and after that its time to make pressure with A City besieged or if able send the last character to the wall. I cutted Valar Doheris because I often had the feeling that it hurts me more then the opponent because I couldn't keep my prefered characters like Thormund, Jaqhen and Stoneheart at the same time on board. With this 3 characters on board and freedmen (Missandei) in hand or discard pile I often had a big advantage, controlling the board as first player with intimidate or being able to get cards with insight from my agenda.


Round 1 vs Joschkit Tyrell/White Book (W) Unfortunately cannot remember that much (maybe because I am getting old or it was too early). But he was a really kind guy and we talked later in the evening about the experiences of the day. I was able to win. 1-0.

Round 2 vs Robert Casas/Stark Lion (W) Unfortunately cannot remember that much (maybe because I am getting old or it was too early). I feared an attration deck but he played a good stuff version. I saw Jaimie and other good stuff cards. I was able to win 2-0.

Round 3 vs Kantszot (bookerma)/ Martell MFG (L) Kantszot is a well experienced player and brought a very rare and interesting deck to the tournament. I did not know what to expect and after some mistakes I finally lost 15:14 or something like that. Well deserved win and cool deck with which he managed to finish as 10th. 2-1.

Round 4 vs Aleksandra K/ Greyjoy SoB (W) A really strong Deck which can destroy me completely. She was not that experienced and so I was able to withstand and able to win. I had a good draw and Thormund and Varamyr with stealth were to big for her in this game. She could not trigger her agenda once. 3-1.

Round 5 vs WQB/ Stark Fealty (W) He had a horrible setup after a mulligan with no eco and only Fast Eddie on board. He did not lost his head but marched to the wall. He could not recover from that and he surrounder after plot 3 or 4 when I remember correctly. Bad game for WQB. 4-1.

Round 6 vs Jim Hansen/NW Crossing (W) A team mate from the 8 regent tournament and therefore we faced each other wearing the same awesome Targaryen T-shirt. It was a close game and when I remember correctly I had an advantage after a soft reset (99 % it was first snow) and with maiden and my plotline I was often first player and intimidated some guys. So I was able to be faster at 15 power. 5-1.

Round 7 vs Gabryel/ Targaryen Conclave (L) Conclave is also a very strong agenda because of the big toolbox with the agenda paired with Marwyn. He had a six cost Drogon in setup (or after marshalling round 1) and he is a big threat for me and my characters. I lost a lot of mine and the game went in one direction. Well deserved win for Gabryel. Cool Deck and very good pilot. 5-2

Round 8 vs SGE aka the dentist aka Stahleck Winner 2019/ NW Rains (W) Another very well experienced player with NW Rains. A Friend of mine and not the right person I want to play when there is only one getting to the next round (sadly). I managed to win because he did not find craven early enough for my Thormund who was able to gain two power for renown during the game AND more important he made a mistake which one was not foreseen when I was sacrificing two dragon gates and draw the kindly man who is able to come into play with ambush in my MKC turn which allow me to win the intrigue challenge in his a game of thrones plot. This all was possible because he attacked before my challanges with the great ranging. So it was only a mistake because of my lucky draw. After winning the intrigue challenge Thormund gained two renown tokens and took away one power from his house card. My next two plots knelt his Wall and all of that combined made me a winner after time was called. Very Close game and when we came to the next round he would win the game in 99 % of the cases. So that was a very unsatisfying win for me. Sorry for that my friend. It feels bad again while writing the text. 6-2 and I was going to the cut after my deck was checked and proofed correct.

Round of 32 vs vonSilas/ Lanni White Book (W) I feared the deck a lot but I had a good draw, good economy and therefore I was able to win. Very important was to play around Robert Strong in the first round and I was able to get rid of his queen small Cersei with marched to the wall. It looks pretty good after that start but I was not able to close the game very fast because he had some tools AND I did not used mine 😉. I forgot to trigger my kindly man two or three times. VM Tokens on his characters would help my Jaqhen a lot and would help to finsish earlier. Nevertheless I was able to win and that counts in the cut. 7-2 and Top 16

Round of 16 vs Werner Wißpeintner/ Targaryen Conclave (L) That was really a very cool and interesting game. With my mouth open in amazement, I could see how beautifully his deck worked his way through the first 4 rounds. Playing Dany with an event and showing me „the Higher Mysteries“ was awesome. He was not able to reach 15 power and so I have to say fully satisfied that I managed to kill all of his BIG dragons and finally Dany with 3 power on her with Jaqhen and Queensgaurd. Nevertheless I lost after time was called. Well deserved, well designed Deck and perfect piloted by Werner. Congrats for the runner up. 7-3 for me and Game Over.

So it was my best performance at Stahleck and therefore I am very satisfied It was a great pleasure for me to spend the weekend in Bacharach gambling, eating, drinking and laughing. Thanks to all sharing with me the experienes of THE ONLY GAME THAT MATTERS


SonOfBattles1 436

I <3 Queensguard Tormund. At the Gates + A City Besieged really took this deck to the next level. Well done Reinhard!

Pippin 8

Congrats for making the Top 16! What a nice deck and thanks for sharing!

TRYHRDRf1sh 29

Amazing run Reini. Congratulations again - and cheers for the funny road trip!

Odrl 1206

Great to finally meet you in person. :) Always nice to see creative decks like this one, congratulations. :)

SGE 252

No reason to feel sorry my friend. I enjoyed our trip and the time spent very much. Sad that it had to come to this showdown. You played that game very well and put yourself in the position to get lucky. Already looking forward to our next game. Congratulations to this performance. Very well deserved.

vonSilas 28

I should have used Robert the first time I had the chance, but got greedy : D You played much better, even though we both made some terrible mistakes. A fantastic deck! I will try it out. Did Lady Stoneheart have success in your games?

Reim 855

Lady Stoneheart had a lot of success in my online games on TiT. In my Stahleck games she was not that powerful but even if she does not kill loyal characters she is always a threat, sometimes prevents the opponent from playing loyal characters and her keyword intimidate fits perfect in the game plan to go first and kneel as much characters as you can.

mak 313

Congrats Rein! 😉 Since you run 1st Snow, would you cut Stalwart Shields for King's Landing Mob?

Reim 855

makes definitely sense in my opinion. I will try him

Dave007 1

Why Citadel Archivist? :-)