Summer Heat: a light burn Deck. 5-3 Stahleck

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Palpa 122

This is the Deck I brought to Stahleck. I designed it after Incinerate came off the RL and it is based on what I consider the best burn deck ever (basically the same version but with Pyro Dany). Burn is limited by Gold and Draw, both which the Deck can provide you thanks to Summer plots and first of all Exchange of Information. Also, the Shadowblack Lane is a central piece of the deck and the reason why I prefer this over Fealty. I played this deck a lot on TiT with good sucess and also with a lot fun (for me). I knew it was good, but ultimately my faith in it grew during the 8R Tournamant, where I did not play it myself but two of my team-mates and won. It got the final crown when the veteran Johannes Järvinnen decided to run it himself in Stahleck.

General notes
The deck is played as any burn deck: Burn duped chars, achieve board control. The MVP of the Deck is The Shakalakalalakka. It provides you 3 Gold with a Summer plot and fills your discard with stuff like Naked Men 1 or like Naked Men 2, that you can fetch during Challenge Phases. So look for it on setup.

The Games

I achieved a 5-3 with it, which I think is ok for my first time in Stahleck and my 2nd in-person Tourney ever. I cannot reconsider all games but maybe mention my losses, which also shows the weaknesses of the deck.

Loss against Alberto Lorenzo / Targ MFG
Not a good starting hand, so Mulligan. Well, then I could choose: Qhoto and a Chud or Dany. Nothing else, as I had 0 locations. I decided for Dany, as he would then March her, meaning march is already gone and he has low reserve; Qhoto seemed a better choice in hand as I could fetch him in for free. So Dany, which was ofc marched. I opened Harvest and managed to establish a board of 3 Chars and a Market, thanks to Qhoto and Missandei. Unfortunately, all Chuds got Consumed and Qhoto killed on mil claim. Ok, 2nd Round. I managed to establish a baord of 4 again. But he ambushed Drogon, waked him. MFG'ed him and cleared board again. I survived some more plots, but the end was inevitable.

Loss against Carlos Aceituno / Tyrell WB
Generally a bad matchup. As Tyrell WB outmatches you in gold, draw and board presence. Board Wipe? Just draw 4 Cards and have 20 Gold to compensate. Then there also is the Say no to burn location and the Say no to burn and get Power for it plot, the draw a card and gain power for it as a cost location as well as the I go fast event. He had it all, I did not see my answers.

Loss against Courteous / Lanni MFG
He had duped Timett, a chud and econ on setup. He added Gold cheat 1 turn one and Gold cheat 2 Turn 3. Not much I could do.

Final Remarks
I had a lot fun with the deck in general and at Stahleck in particular. Highlight was facing Stelios in the final Swiss round, which felt like meeting a very good old friend.
The Deck itself is I think very competitive and fun as well. I think in more experienced hands it could surely reach the cut (Johannes himself is more experienced, but not that used to Targ, as he said himself). Still missing Pyro Dany here, but Core Dany with her insight fits very well to the draw you need to fuel The Shakalakalalakka or other discard mechanics and also her passive ability helps a lot. Incinerate is also very nice to kill Big Boys like The Design Failure .


Odrl 1206

Congratulations. :) I've played against this a few times in recent months and I think I lost every time. :)

Stelios21 30

Meeting you and playing irl was the icing on the cake for this year's Stahleck, hopefully next year too! Great deck and unforgiving once it finds its pace.

Palpa 122

@Odrl: Thanks. Yeah, against slower factions this deck is really good :) @Stelios21: I will be there :)

Dave007 1

Great deck!

SonOfBattles1 436

@Palpa really fun deck and a great way to introduce players to burn. I keep this list sleeved for that very reason now. Well done!